Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy Halloween! Day 2

It was another rough morning for Cami.  The nausea is stating to come on suddenly and without warning, early this morning she threw up in her sleep.  It is awful for her.  Cami felt pretty terrible most of the morning.  It is so awful to see her hurting and so nauseous.  All I can do is rub her back and hold the barf bucket.  It is a completely helpless feeling as a mother.  Thankfully we had an amazing nurse (Trish) who got things under control and by the afternoon, Cami was feeling a little better.  We were able to finish her legos and as we were sitting down to play with them we could hear the trick-or-treaters outside our door (each nursing station was set up for the kids to trick-or-treat).  Cami just broke down.  She is not allowed outside her room and it sounded like such fun out there in the hallway.  It was heartbreaking for me to see her so sad, but luckily she snapped out of it and asked to put on some kitty ears (she was not feeling well enough to put on her real costume- the Wonder Woman ensemble).  Even though Cami hasn't eaten anything in over a week.. Her cute nurse went trick-or-treating for her and came back with all sorts of goodies.  It made her feel like a part of things, which really helped!  Then some of the nurses came to see her costume and show off theirs.  She was so happy to see her nurse friends and even turned around an waggled her little 'tail'.  Thankfully, the day ended on a good note.  Quite honestly... I am a little scared to go to bed tonight for fear I will wake up to her uncontrollable vomiting.  Ohhh.. boy!

These are the hospital heroes... our nurses are the BEST around!
They love their job, they love these kids and it shows.
We are so grateful for the ICS nurses!

This is Cami with some of her visitors.  She can't leave her room, but she sure got right up to that doorway.

On the left is Andrea she one of the nurse practitioners on the chemo team,
and on the right is our awesome nurse Trish (she's one of our fav's.. shhh don't tell anyone)!  

Happy Halloween!!!

Cami insisted that Froggy have an outfit.  
Once he was dressed up, she made him pose while she snapped about 100 pictures of our little friend.
Happy Halloween Froggy!

Another really hard part about to day (for me) was not being able to be with my Caden.  I wasn't able to go to his school parade, or make treats with him, or take him trick-or-treating.  I didn't even get to give him a squeeze today, but I know he had a blast with friends and his Daddy and cousins.
Halloween is his absolute favorite..
I love my little Jedi master!


  1. Even though I don't know you, late last night I was thinking about you Chelsea. I was remembering how I hated nighttime when my children were first born. There was something about the dark that made me uneasy. When the sun came up I was relieved that all was well. I imagine that must be what it's like for you now with your little miss. I wish I had magical words of comfort for you. Just know late at night when all is quiet and you're sitting next to your precious Cami, I 'll be thinking about you and wishing you peace.
    P.S. If you have to go through something this awful, you sure seem to be surrounded by wonderful people. I call things like that 'tender mercies'. Especially loved 'Dorothy' :)

  2. Wishing you all the best. Keep the fight Cute Cami girl!! Prayers being said for you and your family.

  3. Reading your posts break my heart for you and your family. I was in your place a short time ago and know how hard it is to support your baby through transplant and how it feels to miss out on your other babies life. Hang in there you are an amazing mom and Cami is an inspiration.
    Mary-Catherine Miller
    Lucca's mom (June's blog person)

  4. This is so sad. Cami, you are SUCH a brave little girl. You are beautiful, bald or not. I am only 10 and I have Type One Diabetes. I remember that week in the hospital, seeing so much sad stuff. There was a 3 week old baby unresponsive. In the ER, I saw a 4-6 year old in a wheel chair with tubes and ports hanging off of her. In the elevator, there was a family crying and hugging. In the room next door to me, there was a little boy who was locked in that room with nurses in there at each time. I am so sorry. I hope she beats this cancer and it never returns. <3

  5. Hello,
    I just discovered your blog and the love that can be felt in each of your words moved me to tears. I'm glad that both you and Cami despite spending so much time in a hospital, at the same time spend so much time with loving people and being loving people :)

    I found this blog after I did a google image search with Cami's 'boxing glove picture', which I had come across on tumblr. More than 6000 people have reblogged the image, unfortunately the original poster didn't give any info or link to your blog. I've written to the original poster and some others who reblogged this asking them to change the source and hope that more people who have been both moved and inspired by Cami's picture will find their way here.

    Best of wishes from Germany! ♥ Aida

  6. I was going to be you for Halloween but because your an amazing little girl I noticed I would not be able to be you xoxo~Abby A P.S buddy me on animal jam I'm everroses :3


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