Tuesday, October 8, 2013

On our breaks

Things have been so busy, I have not been great at updating the blog.  Here are a few pics of the fun things we did on our short breaks from the hospital.

We had lots of tea parties while Caden was at school:

giggling at a sleepover

Decorating giant pumpkin cookies:

Shopping spree!

Family movie nights

We were so glad that Cami was out of the hospital to celebrate Millie's birthday.  We went to breakfast with her family, then visited her and released butterflies.  It was a very special day and Millie let us know she was there by playing all her favorite tunes for us.  We love you Millie! 

We went to the circus!

We went to frightmares at Lagoon!

She got ready for Halloween...

Our sweet Golden Retriever, Baylee definitely knows what is going on.  Wherever you find Cami, you know Baylee is not far behind.  She spends her days cuddling up to Cami and making sure she is alright.  Golden's are the BEST!!!

After a week-long break, Cami had to go back to the hospital to finish up the last part of round 2.  
The minute she gets to her new room she begins on the decorating:

Here is a shot of the high dose methotrexate they give her.  This is another one that can damage the bladder, so they pump her full of fluids to flush it out.  We were up every 2 hours to go potty... 
this made for MANY long nights!

Walking the halls of PCMC late at night when it's quiet is one of our favorite things to do.  We always explore the hospital and find lots of fun things that we think are hilarious late at night.  

Cami was sad she had to miss the CureSearch walk this year, but that didn't stop us from forming a team in her honor!  Thank you to everyone who made this team possible (PS girls) and thank you to everyone who showed up to walk with us.  These kids deserve the support!  Thank you for getting it!

Cami's brother accepted her childhood cancer medal in her honor and we took it straight up to Cami.

a white ballon is released for all the children in Utah who have passed away.  Of course we thought of sweet Millie.  This years walk was bitter sweet as Cami and Millie were not there running around together as usual.

Cami was lucky and only had to stay for about a week for the second half of round 2... YAY! 

As we were being discharged, we were handed a schedule of out-patient tests and procedures we had to be to.  This is the schedule we were sent home with.. some of our outpatient days were more exhausting than our inpatient days!

Although we weren't living in the hospital, we were NOT exempt from our medical lives one bit.  These are just a FEW of the medical supplies we were sent home with:

Here is Cami at some of her outpatient appointments:

Neuropsych evaluation 
(this is to get a base line incase any of the radiation or intense chemo effects her in this area).  

Getting a little blood boost

A day of EKG, EEG, hearing test, pulmonary function test, and a chest x-ray= 

This little one was so patient and spent lots of her time like this... 
WAITING for Doctors!

Here she is getting measured for her radiation:

Back Poke and Bone Marrow biopsy and aspiration.  A back poke is when they do a spinal tap to remove spinal fluid and replace it with chemo (they do this because leukemia likes to hide in the brain), a bone marrow aspiration and biopsy is where they drill into her hip to remove marrow and a small piece of bone to test it for leukemia.  We are thrilled to report that these tests came back showing that Cami is MRD negative (which is exactly where we want her to be before her transplant)!

And after Cami's back poke and BMA, we did something CRAZY!  
Keep reading to find out...


  1. Even though I don't know you reading this breaks my heart and at the same time makes me love cami and your family for the fight that you fight everyday. Don't give up, show cancer who is boss and we'll keep praying for you!


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