Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Froggy's stuffing transplant

If you know Cami, you have probably met Froggy.  Froggy has been Cami's lovey since the day she was born.  Froggy has always been important to Cami, but he became especially important when she was diagnosed with leukemia for the first time.  He has been to every single Doctors appointment, every inpatient stay and he has always been there for Cami to give her comfort when she needs it most.  Well, Froggy has been through a lot and he looks rather rugged these days.  Cami's oncologist (Dr. Verma) came in a few weeks ago and informed us that Froggy was in need of a stuffing transplant and he would need it soon!  Even though Dr. Verma was kidding, Cami took this very seriously.  Luckily, Froggy has a brother, Sam (who we bought to try to trick her when she was little so we could swap them for washing.. that didn't work, she knew who the real Froggy was).  We tested Sam and he was a perfect stuffing match for Froggy and so it was decided that Froggy needed radiation, chemo, and finally his stuffing transplant along with Cami.

 Here is Froggy getting his radiation with Cami.  They went through every treatment together.

A few hours before Cami received her transplant, it was time for Sam to go into surgery.
Here's a before picture.  Froggy was so grateful.

Sam getting his assessment before surgery.  It is AMAZING how much Cami has learned through her years of medical procedures.  She is very thorough especially with Froggy and Sam!

...and he's OUT!

The stuffing was taken out of Sam's hip, just as Cami's donor's marrow was taken from his hip.

Sam gave Froggy a fabulous amount of stuffing.. what a gift!
We love our donors.. just wish we had a name to put with Cami's!

Sam in recovery.  Happy that he was able to help his brother.

Now the critical part...
Froggy's transplant!

Cami was very cautious and remained sterile the entire time!

Froggy is now recovering with Cami.  He is getting fluids and meds through his broviac, just like Cami.

This has been very therapeutic for Cami to "play out" what she is going through.  Plus.. Dr. Verma was right!  Froggy DID need that transplant, he was getting saggy-baggy!


  1. I remember these days with such clarity! The TBI was the hardest part, well that and about two weeks after. Shannon engrafted 23 days after transplant and we were able to go home in 32 days after transplant. That first year is tuff but you all will get through it and find creative ways to entertain Cami. Be ready for her to come home, that time came quicker for Shannon than we realized. We did not have our house completely cleaned the way they want you to clean it. I think of you and pray for Cami and your family.
    Vickie Johnson

  2. This is so sweet and touching! Bless her sweet heart. Many prayers being sent your way.
    I hope Cami and Froggy feel better soon! ;)

  3. i am sitting here bawling my eyes out reading your story. what a beautiful beautiful little girl. stay strong cami & family. you are in my prayers tonight. Jesus may you restore Cami to full health and be glorified through all of her and her family's suffering. xoxo

  4. I pray for cami with all my heart I play animal jam too now I rlize that the frog is very special and so is cami


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