Saturday, October 26, 2013


When we saw the massive amounts of appointments Cami had to go to while she was out of the hospital, we started planning.  We wanted to cram in as much fun as we could because we know that Cami's immune system will be weak for a VERY long time after her transplant.  In fact, she won't be able to attend school for at least a full year after transplant.  It is going to be a very long winter for her.  SO... Pat being Pat made up a plan to talk the Doctors into letting us go to Disneyland!  I was shocked and thrilled when Dr. Verma gave us her blessing.  She actually thought it was a great idea, but she would not allow us to fly because of the circulated air, so we packed up the kids and off we went!

The kids were beyond excited to be there, the weather was perfect and we truly appreciated everything about being there together. 

Disneyland was decked out for Halloween (our family favorite)!

Wonder woman and Spidey even got to attend Mickey's not so spooky Halloween party!  
We knew that Cami was going to be in the hospital for Halloween so how perfect that she got to trick-or-treat at D-Land!?!

Here are the classic ride pictures (I know you want to see them)...

We enjoyed eating whatever we wanted while we still can (soon Cami will be on a restricted diet)
Hot dog for Cami:

giant pickle for Caden:

Of course Cars Land was a GIANT hit!

We met up with the big man... he was so sweet with the kids!



We met so many characters, but Cami's favorite was always Mickey.  He grabbed her after a parade for some special bonding time.. she LOVED every second!  

We met up with the Flamm's (Millie's family) and the party REALLY started!


It was the trip of a lifetime and we are so happy we went.  
Our little family needed that calm before the storm, especially this little lady.


  1. Aww I feel SO bad for you guys, even Millie's family, I cant imagine how they're dealing with that. I was thinking about Cami today in spanish class. Get better, you're stronger than the universe <3

  2. I can't pull myself from the computer today checking for updates on how things are going. I know you won't be blogging today, but wanted to catch up. Loved seeing all your pictures. Can we go back yet?


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