Wednesday, September 4, 2013

PS I Adore You!

I admit that I neglected this blog once our life got back to normal.  It is partly because I began dedicating my time to PS I Adore You.  A few months before Cami went off treatment, two of my friends and I started on a venture to raise more awareness and money for Childhood cancer.  We all know that childhood cancer can be hard for people to think about or read about, so we wanted a way to make giving back fun and easy!  All three of us love to shop and find great deals, so we created PS I Adore You an online deal site.  PS is not just any deal site, we are a deal site where people can shop for darling items at fantastic prices and give back all while buying items they already want!  We strive to educate people on childhood cancer and get little snips into each and every day of people's lives.  Sometimes we have amazing vendors who want to help, so we put together 'Cure The KIDS' campaigns where ALL the proceeds go to CureSearch for childhood cancer research.  We also feature a different child battling cancer each month, we tell their story to our customers and offer them an opportunity to donate to that family.  PS I Adore You has been a labor of love for me and my dear sweet friends Ashley and Whitney.  We have put our heart and souls into this little growing company and our dream is to one day have the ability to share these stories with millions and then cut GIANT checks to CureSearch!  We love selling darling items that you can feel great about buying because you know that we honestly care about these kids.  We are directly impacted by childhood cancer.
Why shop anywhere else?  
I am sad to say, that I have had to step back A LOT from PS A Adore You because of Cami's relapse.  I just don't have the time or energy anymore, but of course the girls are going above and beyond for our family.  They are featuring Cami's story this month on their blog.. read it here and they are going all out for our PS I Adore You (for Cami) CureSearch team!  These girls are amazing and they have really taken childhood cancer to heart.  They want to do everything in their power to help.  I am so grateful for this little company and for these girls.  Please check out the awesome deals PS offers each day, follow them on instagram, facebook and sign up for the daily emails to stay in the loop about upcoming events and shopping sprees where 100% goes to finding a cure for these kids.  I promise you will find that making a difference is easy and fun with PS!


  1. I can barely keep it together let alone hold back the tears streaming down my face. I am an Army soldier and a mother to a 15 month old firecracker of a girl. Today I went and placed myself into the database to become a bone marrow donor. I want you to know that a complete stranger cries for the pain Cami, you and your family must endure. That you are forever in my heart and in my prayers. And that I Cami holds a special place in my heart. She is my hero. I would like to send something special to Cami. The link to your email is not functioning properly. How may I contact you?


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