Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My little fighter! -a photo shoot to remember!

Well our little fighter is back at it again, and this time she knows what she wants.  Cami wanted to be sure to have her photo's taken before her hair fell out.  Her beautiful, precious hair!  She had been working so hard to grow it out since the last time she had to shave it off in 2010.  

Jen Fauset is not only an extremely talented photographer, she is also an amazing person and dear friend.  She offered to come to the hospital and do a photo shoot with Cami and boy did she make her feel like a movie star!  Only Jen could make a hospital room lighting look this good!  Thank you Jen, we will treasure these photo's forever.  

Jen has also taken photo's of MANY of our cancer friends.  Check out Jen's blog to see her other photo shoots with some other amazing cancer kids here

And now for Cami's photo's...

This one is my favorite!  She is such a spunky, spirited little fighter!

Cami's- TOUGH, FEARLESS, and CAMI STRONG bracelet's... perfect! 

This is how Cami gets to the restroom.. she skates on her IV pole!

Cami sits at her hospital window often to look out into the world.

I love my brave, little hero and that smile of hers!
I cherish our "snuggle" times where I can soak in her strong, loving, positive, amazing spirit.  At times I wonder,  am I comforting her or is she comforting me? (Hopefully both!).
SO proud to be Cami's Mom!


  1. I love your little girl. How amazing is she? Pretty dang awesome. I'll keep her in my prayers! She's gonna kick butt!!

  2. What a beautiful young lady you are Cami! I hope one day to be as amazing as you are! Keep that positive sweet spirit you have and I would LOVE to write you an email or a letter if thats ok with your mommy and daddy!

    Cancer stands no chance!!!

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  4. Shes so cute it kills me i want to pinch her little cheeks and hug her how old is she is she ok please tell .e


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