Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

I know that it is difficult to read about childhood cancer.  I know that it isn't easy to look through photo's of pale, bald headed kids getting chemo pumped through their veins. I know it can be uncomfortable seeing tubes hanging out of their chests or feeding tubes in their noses.  I live “Childhood Cancer” every day and it is never easy!  Everyone has an X in the corner of their screen, where you can simply click get rid of the image that is too hard to see.  I wish it were that easy for me!  Childhood cancer is a part of me, a very deep part of me and for that I am deeply grateful. Childhood Cancer is not only about my Cami, it is about the countless other children who have fought or who are fighting now.  Each one of the beautiful  kids I have met will forever have a place in my heart.  Each child has touched me, each one has a special spark, a beautiful spirit!  Even though each Cancer story has been painful and down right ugly at times, I am blessed to have the honor of knowing each and every one of them.  It’s been inspiring to watch them individually fight their battles with courage, love, hope and a smile.  I will never turn away from these kids.. EVER!  I have watched children lose their eye's, limbs, their hearing, their ability to learn, speak, walk, and way too often lose their lives.

 Childhood Cancer is not only about my Cami, it is about the countless other children who have fought or who are fighting now.
Cami and a few of her little cancer buddies

So, this is me being honest, maybe too honest but  it's late and we just spent the day at the hospital watching Cami go through a bunch of stuff we told her she would NEVER have to go through again!  It all just hit me hard today so I'm going to be blunt.  

Also, it's my blog, a place for me to vent so if you don't like it, feel free to hit that little X.

Cami getting a spinal tap (where they suck spinal fluid out of her spine and inject chemo in)

The first time we had to shave Cami's head after her initial diagnosis in 2010.  This was a very real and painful moment for me.  Not and easy moment (or facial expression) to share.

Again, I know it may not be easy for to read about all of this or look at certain Childhood Cancer photos but how do you think it feels to write about it, to live it?  I would much rather be spending precious minutes with my daughter who is fighting for her precious life.  It is not easy for you to read, well it is not easy for us to live, or even talk about for that matter.  But the truth is, Cami can't do it herself.  Cami can't explain the pain she feels on a blog, or tweet about how her surgery went.  I have to do it for her.  How do you think it would make her feel if she heard someone say "sorry sweetheart but it's just too sad to read about your reality".  Well, I'm sick of that mind set, I really am!  Once you've
 seen a picture of a bald child, or read their story or listened to the news about a little girl, fighting cancer who just got to meet Justin Bieber.  You can't just leave it.  It's your responsibility to learn more.  It's your responsibility to care.  It is YOUR responsibility to get involved and do SOMETHING!

Here's what you can do:
1-Give blood at a blood drive (it's free to you, means life for them).
2-Register to be a bone marrow donor.  Did you know all you have to do is swab your cheek!?  Come to the Kisses for Cami event and they will register you so quick and easy.. then you can post about it to help spread the word!  If you can't come to the bone marrow drive, PLEASE go to and request your free kit today! Then post a picture of yourself swabbing your cheek to spread the word and educate others!

3-Did you know that GOLD is the color of childhood cancer?  Simply wear gold and tell people about the hundreds of children who are diagnosed with cancer each day! 

4-Post about childhood cancer on your own social media.. remember kids can't do it themselves!
Feel free to share any of my posts or turn your profile picture into a gold ribbon for the day or better yet.. all of September!  

5- Sign up for a CureSearch walk in your area!  CureSearch raises money for childhood caner research!  Did you know there's one coming up in Utah and Cami even has a team! Go to: to register or donate to Cami's team!

Now it is time to start spreading the word.  Childhood cancer is vastly underfunded and it is UNACCEPTABLE!  Now that you have found yourself reading this blog, you cannot pretend that childhood cancer doesn't exist!  PLEASE do something.. these kids deserve childhood cancer to be as prominent as breast cancer!  I promise you, by reading these stories and allowing yourself to fall in love with these kids, you will gain so much more than the pain you feel.  You will learn and grow from them, they will teach you to cherish you kids and to count your blessings.  Please don't run away from them or hide them.. share these amazing kids with the world and help to make a difference for the ones in the future.

3 chemo sisters- Millie, Cami and Izzy 2 summers ago

Cami getting her chemo with a smile back in 2010

Cami after her surgery to get her broviac (central line) put in last month

Giving Cami IV meds at home through her broviac.. yes, I have become quite the nurse

Here are some easy images you can share on your social media's (so easy right?)


  1. Cami you are darling, if I looked half as cute as u do with no hair I'd shave it all off right now.
    You are so strong and so amazing-go in there and show those docs what the what is and how this is all done and get right on over this, you've got things to do!
    Ill be there on Saturday to see if I'm a match, hope to see you there!
    Keep smiling!

  2. I wish this was more in the news!! Especially this month! I love your bluntness, people NEED to know how hard it is on these kids (and their families).

    When there is a school shooting and 30 kids loose their lives in one day it is all over the news. Those kids lost their innocent lives. Cancer is the same. We are loosing 7 kids every day to cancer. What if a killer went into an elementary school and EVERYDAY he picked out 36 kids and stood them up in a line and then SHOT 7 KIDS!!!! We'd all be outraged. Well, that is EXACTLY what is happening, but only the moms and dads of those 7 kids are the outraged ones. This is truly how I feel about the lack of help and disregard most of Society has to curing childhood cancer!!!!

  3. Hi, my name is April and I work for Sheet Metal Workers Local 312 and we would like to send a donation by check or hand deliver it. If someone could please give us a call ASAP we would appreciate it. We can be reached at 801-972-4804 you can ask for me or Bob.
    Thank you so much, we look forward to hearing from you.

  4. You can also email us at

  5. God Bless you, Cami and family! We are praying for God's healing touch to be delivered to you today, In Jesus' Precious Name!!!


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