Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Birthday Escape!

Cami's levels came up very quickly this round. Much faster than the Docs expected! So after 22 days in the hospital, she finally escaped! We were thrilled because that meant she got to come home for her birthday! It was a birthday miracle! 

Getting her last chemo for this round. That little syringe looks so harmless, but the way the nurses suit up to protect themselves, you can see just how toxic it really is!

Goodbye room 4422!

We got home to the BEST surprise! My ( business partners and dear sweet friends organized, sanitized, and redecorated Cami's room for her birthday! It is SO beautiful! Cami loves it and just wants to spend her time reading and coloring in there. It really is a room fit for the princess that she is! 

They even put Millie's prints in there.. SO special for Cami! 

These amazing girls worked non-stop and made this transformation happen in less than 2 days! I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends! Love you guys! Thank you for putting your sweat and tears into this for my baby girl. It truly means the world. 

For her birthday celebration, we got the "OK" from her oncologists to take her to Build-A-Bear (only during a slow time while wearing a mask.) We were so thankful that they let us go. we needed the time together as a family being semi-normal. The kids were so happy to be together.

Then we stopped to get our last snow cone for the summer! 

Cami had another amazing surprise of the day! Her adorable, sweet friend Mia decided to shave her head for Cami! How can a child this young be so selfless and kind? This meant the world to Cami, and all of us! She has been talking about it all day! We love you Mia! 

Her doctors said it would be ok to have a few healthy friends over for a party! Jaclyn (owner of the amazing Sophisticakes) heard about our Cami having a birthday and delivered this AMAZING cake! Cami was THRILLED!! This cake was not only gorgeous, it was so yummy (even the fondant was marshmallow so it was delish!) 

Cami was delighted with all this yummy goodness!! 

Thanks to all her little friends for coming over freshly showered at the last minute, for washing their hands a hundred times, and for making our Cami girl happy!

We are so grateful for our little fighter. She has taught us so much in the last 8 years. Our sunshine girl is one year older and we couldn't be happier! Love you sweet girl! Happy Birthday! 


  1. Happy Birthday Cami! So glad she got to be home for her birthday!

  2. Yay! What a miracle!!! Happy birthday, Cami. We love you so much!

  3. woohoo!! Hope it was a fun day! hugs!

  4. Your story is inspiring.... I don't know your family but have you in my thoughts... Happy birthday Cami!


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