Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

We go a little crazy around here for Halloween.  As some of you know, Pat is an animator and his office is filled with VERY creative and talented people.  For Halloween his work throws a big party and has a HUGE costume contest.  These costumes must be hand-made and creative.  It is a really big deal.  Pat has never won this contest, so we worked very hard this year on his costume.  It was so much fun to create it together and even the kids helped.  Once we got going I decided to make a matching costume for myself.  We really had a great time putting it all together.

While we were at DisneyLand everything was decorated for Halloween.  Jack the Pumpkin king is EVERYWHERE and the Haunted Mansion is completely re-done around The Nightmare Before Christmas.  This inspired our Halloween costumes.

Jack and Sally

Incase you are unfamiliar with The Nightmare Before Christmas (in which case you NEED to go rent, here is what the real Jack and Sally characters look like...

I am happy to report that Pat's costume was the WINNER this year!!  Here are the top 3 winners from this year.  Keep in mind these are ALL handmade costumes-- Amazing!

First place: Jack the Pumpkin King 

Second place: Jack Sparrow (he stayed in character the entire day.)

Third Place: Bridget (from the video game Guilty Gear)

Here is the whole office...

They had to take Jack for a walk around the city (and yes, Pat is walking around on stilts).

The kids had lots of fun parties this year.  They each had one at school and then we had a cancer event and a Make-A-Wish party.  Cami wanted to switch her costume up for each party.  She is such a little diva.

Here she is (costume from last year) with some of her bumblebee friends at the Make-A-Wish party.

Here she is with her cancer sisters.

Here is Caden with his best bud Porter... his costume is just awesome.  a

Thank you Make-A-Wish for the fun party!

Here is Cami and her friend Cash at a fundraiser Kaidan's family did to raise money for CureSearch.  

Here is Miss Cami taking her vampire roll very seriously on Halloween night.  

Here's our little dragon.  I know, I know...he's really intimidating.

Cami and her cute group of girlfriends.  These girls all live in our circle and they are little BFF's.  
Can you see Pat's pumpkin bum in the background?... I seriously have a kid at heart for a Husband.  

And here we are with some of our favorite (and well dressed might I add) people...

...and we are all costumed out.  Until next year anyway...


  1. I'm impressed! Fabulous costumes. You pumpkin Carvers sure know how to celebrate Halloween! I'm curious to how you created the Jack head? Or is that a secret? :)
    Love ya!

  2. you guys all look so great! i'm impressed by pat's costume! and that he walked around everywhere in it!

  3. I think Pat's costume is the best I have ever seen! That is awesome. I love that movie. All your costumes were great! What a cute family!

  4. Hi, I am a stranger checking out your blog but my husband and I are friends with one of your cousins. My 20 month old niece was just diagnosed with the same Leukemia as your Cami. I wanted to thank you for telling her story and helping to give me some much needed perspective. Thanks so much.

    Also, great costumes!

  5. Hope all is well, haven't heard from you guys in a while!!!

    Vicky T

  6. hey havent heard from you in ages i hope everything's ok and that you are just enjoying going out and doing things.

  7. Chels- you guys are SO CLEVER and SO FUN!!! I LOVE IT!

  8. I love the Jack costume, I'm sure everybody loved it. Thanks.


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