Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to School

I just realized that I didn't post about the first day of school.

Last year we had Cami all signed up for school and then just before the school year began, we were knocked to our knees with her diagnosis.  The Doctors asked us not to send Cami to school, so we held off for a year.  She was so excited to start Kindergarten this year and she is just so proud that she is a big girl going to a big girl school.  Every morning without fail she comes into our room with her hair in a huge poof-ball, but she is always all dressed up and ready for school.  I am so grateful that she appreciates being able to go and she is soaking up every minute.  

Cami has been doing great so far.  By the end of the first week she had made lots of new little friends and her teacher and all the parents are being so great to call me when any kids are sick or have been immunized.  This girl is just so excited to have some 'normalcy'.  

 Our little man also had a big first.  He started preschool.  Last year he would just cry and cry when we would drop Cami off to her preschool.  He wanted so badly to be a big boy and go to school with her.  Now he is our little big boy and he couldn't be more thrilled about it
...and I have 4 hours a week with NO KIDS!  I hardly know what to do with myself. 

 Caden has a little friend (Porter) who is in his class.
They are such cute little buddies.

Our little school children...


  1. Adorable. This post makes me so happy. Im so glad Cami is able to go to school and enjoy some normalcy. She is so stinkin cute and so is that little man of yours.

  2. So glad for this post! I was just going to message you and see how Cami is doing with school. Tell her I miss her!

  3. I am Michelle (Yoho) Daly. I went to high school with Jess. I saw Cami on the first day of school, I teach 5th grade there. I knew it was her and my heart swelled that she was able to go to school. I also have a daughter attending kindergarten at the same school. Small world. Yeah for her getting to go to school.


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