Saturday, July 30, 2011

UP...UP and AWAY!

The 'UP' house has landed... in UTAH!  
Bangerter Homes has built a full-scale replica of the house from the movie "UP" and inside is a room dedicated to none other than our CAMI!  

Make-A-Wish called us a few months ago and told us that Cami had been chosen to have a room decorated around her wish to go to Disney World.  Cami was floored!  A few weeks later, we had a meeting with the builders and designers, where they met Cami, browsed through lots of pictures, and heard non-stop stories about our trip from little Cam.  They asked her what she'd like to see in her honorary room and she helped them think up some great ideas.  Then we waited and waited...and waited.  Finally the day came that we got to tour the house and see Cami's room.  

This house is AMAZING!  It is like stepping directly into the movie.  

This house is EXACT down to every detail.  
Here is a picture of the movie mailbox-

and the real life mailbox-

Here's a picture of Carl and Elle in their living room-

Caden and Cami in Carl and Elle's living room
(complete with Carl's tennis ball cane and custom-built chairs). 

 Here is the mantel, which has the painting from the movie and all the same little trinkets.

We even found Elle's adventure book!

The kitchen (which is not seen in the movie) has a modern 50's style.  I LOVE the colors!

They had an artist come in and paint the mural in the nursery.

Carl and Elle's room-

We found some of Carl's ties-

Cami loved this awesome bathtub!

After touring the house, it was time for Cami to see her room.  
The news was there for the big reveal...
Cami was pretty nervous, which is unlike her.  There were so many people and equipment there, she just wasn't used to it, but she did great!

They did such a beautiful job on this room.  It is a pink room fit for a princess.

Here's Cami with the Bangerter brothers, the CEO's of Bangerter homes.  
They are the creative minds behind this amazing home.

Inside the room is a beautiful mural of Cami dressed as Cinderella in her carriage. 

Here is Cami with the amazing artist who painted all the murals in the home.

One of our Make-A-Wish friends got a room themed after his wish too!  
Jack's room is a replica of Andy's room from the movie 'Toy Story'.

Before we left, The Bangerters awarded Cami and Caden with the 'Elle badge'.  

 "for assisting the elderly and for performing above and beyond the call of duty, 
I would like to award you the highest honor I can bestow: the Elle badge." 
-Carl Fredrickson, Disney/Pixar 'UP'

A HUGE thank you to Bangerter Homes 
for helping Make-A-Wish give us yet another magical experience.  


  1. i loveeee it. i am so sad i couldnt come!!

  2. wow, that is so cool. i had no idea they did that. eric and i were wondering what they do with the house afterwards? do they sell it?

  3. HOW FUN! Didn't know this happened. Truly magical!

  4. Just typed in Modern 50's kitchen and was instantly drawn to this site 50's kitchen. Nothing strange there but surprisingly we too have just finished treatment for A.L.L (Leukameia) with our 5 year old daughter Mimi (Amelia) hardest battle of our life which has changed our life forever will never forget how hard it is and how everyday children are diagnosed with Cancer. Hope your are well and coming close to end of treatment x Hayley x


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