Sunday, July 10, 2011

SLC CureSearch Walk 2011

**Thanks to Jen Herem Photography for taking most of these amazing pictures***

What an incredible day Saturday was!  The air was thick with love, support  and honor for these brave kiddo's.  When the ER Doctor told us of Cami's leukemia, we didn't know if she would make it through the week, let alone be out playing, giggling, running and jumping one year later.  
It is ONLY because of research and cancer children of the past that Cami has a 97% cure rate.  That number is EVERYTHING to us.  We hold onto it each and every day.  
It gives us hope.
That is why we are so deeply passionate about this walk and CureSearch in general.  
My dream is that one day there can be a cure and no need for families to suffer through all the medications, Doctors and pokes to reach that 97% cure rate.  
Thank you for joining us in striving for that goal.

Cami was awarded a Champion medal, she thought it meant she had won the race and after they gave it to her she said "mom I think we need to give this medal back because that man was confused, I haven't even started walking yet". 

Here are all the Utah CureSearch champions.  These kids have endured through more than I'd like to think about.  They are the strongest of the strong.  It was an honor to walk in celebration of them all.

There was a very touching ceremony where those who were walking in memory of a child who had lost their battle with cancer were invited up to the stage to release a balloon in their honor.  This is Natalie who found out about our team from a friend of a friend and wanted to walk because her sister passed away from leukemia when she was 3.  It was so touching to hear Natalie's story and it is just an example of how far the research has come in just 20 years.  

While we were in the early stages of planning this walk, the committee talked about ideas for an emcee.  As I racked my brain for ideas of who I could ask to help us out, Kent Derricot popped into my head.  I went to high school with Kent's daughter, Brittany, and I remembered that Brittany's dad had a very popular  talk show in Japan and was very comfortable in the spotlight.  I wrote Brittany a message on facebook asking if this is something her dad might do for us and got a phone call from her the next day, she told me that not a lot of people know this, but her dad had lost a baby brother to leukemia. It obviously affected him greatly and childhood cancer holds a tender place in his heart.  He was the obvious choice and he did a fabulous job setting the tone for our walk.  

Here he is releasing his balloon in honor of his brother.  

Every walker got to choose a bandana.  There were different colors to represent different walkers...
Kelly Green = I am a SURVIVOR or am Walking on behalf of a SurvivorLime Green = I am in TREATMENT or Walking on behalf of a child in treatment.Mint Green = Walking in MEMORY of a child.Dark Green = FRIEND or Corporate Supporter 

The cancer kiddos led the walk holding the 'these are the reasons we walk'  banner.

 I am so mad I didn't get a shot of Cami's CURE Crew all together, but just look at all of us walking!  
We have the best friends and family in the WORLD!

Cami was excited to see some of her chemo sisters.

Here is our amazing CureSearch committee.
minus Crystal and Lori (sorry we didn't catch you guys before you left).  
I have learned so much from these ladies.

I am proud to say that we had 1400 walkers and raised $72,000 (and rising) for childhood cancer research!  Our goal was $50,000 so its safe to say this walk was a HUGE success!  

Just wait... next year will be even BIGGER!  I cant wait!


  1. Great post! Sad we couldn't make it!

    Love the Dericott family!

  2. I was there and it was GREAT! I was on Team Skyler but Cami's shirts were SO cute! GO TEAM!

  3. I can :) I feel like I need introduce myself to you again. Maybe ask you on a date b

  4. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful post! So fun to see you guys last week!


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