Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bear Lake Fun!

We have been so fortunate to meet some of the most generous people on earth as we have gone through this cancer journey.  One of those people is Chris Harris and his family.  We met Chris last year at a Make-A-Wish fund raiser where Cami was the spotlight wish child.   You see, Chris owns this AMAZING cabin in Bear Lake and even though he didn't know us, he offered it to our family for a weekend.  

Cami was beyond excited because Bear Lake is one of her favorite places in the world.  In fact, one of her ideas for her wishes was to go to Bear Lake.  Looks like that one came true too!  Unfortunately we had to postpone it last year because Cami was so sick.  Cami did not forget about it and the moment school was out and summer was official, she asked us every day if it was time to go to Bear Lake.  Check out this amazing cabin we got to stay in-

I could have sat out on the balcony for hours.  Look at that view!

They had something for everyone at this cabin.  Cami's favorite was the carved animals they had all over, she named them all.  She named each one and more often than not, I found her talking to them, pretending to feed them, or Doctoring them up.  

Here's another cute, little creature we discovered.

Caden's favorite was the horse tire swing.  He couldn't get enough.

They even had toys for my big boy.  
He had a garage full of these to choose from.
There were 4 or 5 rhino's,  4-wheelers, and tons of snow mobiles.  

Baylee was content chasing the birds and an occasional squirrel, then she would be all tuckered out.  

Nothing beats good food and great people all together in a cabin!

We roasted way too many delicious s'mores.

We spent a lot of time at the beach.
It is my kids happy place.
(Thank you Eyre's for letting us crash your beach!)

Cami loved the feeling of the sand.  She stayed like this for about a half hour just enjoying the cool sand around her.  

Wet doggie kisses... yuck!

Uncle Clark brought the family boat up, so we got to go for some "speedy rides" as Caden would say.
(Thank you Clark and Linds)

Pat the crazy driver...


Yep.  Bear Lake is pretty much heaven on earth!

We just cant thank the Harris family enough for allowing our family to spend time together and make up for precious time that was lost last year while were stuck in the hospital or at home most the time.
We had a wonderful weekend.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Harris Family!


  1. wow! what an incredible cabin! and you're right - that view is out of this world. i'm always amazed at how blue bear lake is. glad you guys got such a fun getaway!

  2. So jealous! What a lovely little get-a-way! Also, look at all of Cami's hair!! Love how she named all the bears!

  3. Beautiful!!! So many nice people! Warms my heart. Love you.

  4. i love this. my family was up there a couple weeks ago! if you were there at the same time i will be so sad i didnt see you guys!

  5. Cam's swim suit is adorable!


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