Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May update

We are already into June, but I couldn't let the May update slip through the cracks.  Cami has been doing great this month!  She has been enjoying her last few weeks of school.  Her preschool had a darling Mothers day program and of course I was holding back tears through the entire thing.  This year, I am more grateful than ever to be a mommy. 

Look what Cami made me... it was a bag of breakfast in bed.  Cami was so excited to give it to me.  

Miss Cami also graduated from preschool for the 3rd time!  
This girl is SUPER ready for Kindergarten!

How do I even begin to describe our amazing Miss Michelle?  She has been Cami's constant form of normalcy the last couple of years.  She has bent over backwards for us.  She has done everything from washing/sanitizing the kids hands, sending home notes with parents, sending a video of Cami's classmates when she was to sick to go to school, taking extra time to clean the classroom, and she made me feel so comfortable leaving Cami when, quite honestly, I never wanted her out of my site again.  Cami just loved going to school and I know it is because of the love that was created for her in that classroom.  
Miss Michelle, we can never thank you enough for all you have done for us.  We love you!  
Can't you just follow Cami to Kindergarten now???

Here is Cami graduating Miss Michelle's class last year.
 This was just 2 months before she was diagnosed 
(cancer was most likely flowing through her veins at this point).   

Here they are this year.  Boy has a lot changed for us in a year, but I am so grateful that one thing DIDNT have to change for Cami.  She got to have the same loving, wonderful teacher.  Miss Michelle has been through a lot with us.  We feel SO lucky to have her in our lives!

The performances this year were ADORABLE!  
Is there anything cuter than a preschool graduation?  I don't think so!

They were so well rehearsed.  Just look at that bow!


In other news... we finally caved and got a puppy.
Yes we might be a little crazy to add one more ounce of wildness into our lives, but Cami has been BEGGING for one for the last year and finally we gave in.  

Meet Baylee our new Golden Retriever puppy. 
Cami is completely in love with this little thing.  We have had her about a month now and Cami feeds her each day, takes her on walks and even does the pooper-scooper. 
We cant wait to watch them grow up together.  

I actually don't know who was more excited to get her, Pat or Cami.  
Pat has already planned a camping/fishing trip with just his buddies and their dogs.  

Just look at that face!  She is so sweet.

Clinic went well this month.  Cami got to make a hat and I must say it turned out pretty darn cool.

Here is one of Cami's Doctors (Dr. Verma).  She is feeling her belly to make sure her spleen and other organs don't feel enlarged.  Each time we go to clinic we see two Doctors, they both do a little exam. They check her ears, throat, organs, reflexes, and we chat about any problems.  Cami doesn't even notice they are there anymore.  She barley stopped drawing on the whiteboard through the entire exam.  
Kids are so resilient.  
Each time we go to clinic it amazes me how Cami has just adjusted so beautifully to her new way of life.

Here are the hair pictures this month.  It is coming in quite curly and THICK!  Cami loves brushing it.  I often find her in her bathroom singing, brushing her hair and putting 30 clips all over her hair.  This is HUGE coming from the girl who used to HATE brushing her hair.  
Sometimes you just don't realize what you have until its gone.   

Clinic stats 3/10/11:
Height: 109.5

Weight: 18.6 kg (40.9 lbs.)

ANC: 2,200
WBC: 3.5
Hematocrit: 30.3%
Platelets: 306

Cami's ANC was too high this month.  I know this seems like a good thing, but the Doctors want her levels to be between 500-1500.  Because then they can be certain that the chemo is doing its job... killing the cells (including the cancer cells).  Cami has consistently been too high and next month the Doctors may need to up her dose of daily chemo so they can start to see these ANC levels drop.  I guess we will have to wait and see next month!  


  1. Ok, that picture of Cami with Baylee is sooooo incredibly cute! I love it! Chelsea-She looks so good in all the photo's, she already looks so tan! How on earth has she found the sun it's been missing for months?!! hahaha

  2. I HONESTLY LOVE ALL OF YOU! (and baylee too) xoxo

  3. Cami is beautiful beautiful beautiful! Her hair is absoletly gorgeous how it's growing back in....and curly too. Wow! I love your updates. I will never forget that first time I met you in ICS as you were trying to find a video for Cami to watch. She had the most beautiful smiling eyes even though she felt so sick.

  4. Cami is looking so healthy and beautiful. I kind of miss Millie's hair at that length. Congrats to Cami for graduating pre-school. She is going to be the smartest little girl in her class! Love you guys and I'm glad you are doing better.
    on a side note: I'm changing my hair update to look more like yours. Hope you don't mind, but I like it better with the pictures next to each other. I also like that you take a pictue of the top of her head. I might have to try that next time. :) How do you get your picture so big?

  5. she looks gorgeous! healthy and happy. reading about her brushing her hair made me smile. :) glad she is doing so well!

  6. i am obsessed with that puppy!!! so cute! :) i bet cam looooves her.

  7. It has been a PRIVILEGE having Cami in preschool! She has taught me so much and I am truly changed forever by your family's friendship.
    The other students just loved her...some days there just wasn't enough Cami to go around:)
    That girl is going to do amazing things in life!


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