Sunday, June 26, 2011

June update

Summer is in full swing around here!  
I can barley keep up with the kids and their energy.  June has been full of swimming, staying up late, bug spray, swinging, ice cream, sleep-overs, jumping, camp, and anything else you would associate with SUMMER!  We have definitely been cramming the fun in and we aren't about to stop.  

A few days after we got home from Palm Springs, our friends came into town from texas.  Cami had been waiting for Mia to come visit and sleep-over for months.  

We just happened to have a Make-A-Wish event that same night so 
Mia got to come to the wishing place with us.

Of course Cami brought her special key that unlocks the wish tower.

 Caden is loving climbing on everything this summer.  
His knees look like he took a cheese grater to them and he is completely CRAZY, he will climb up almost anything and then turn around and jump off without a second thought.  It is terrifying!

Jumping is a favorite...
 Cami still gets tired really easily, but it is so cute how much she enjoys being outside in the sun.

A plastic pool in the backyard can entertain these kids (and pup) for hours!

Our awesome neighbors (who we share a backyard with) got a swing set and the kids have practically LIVED in it since the guys put it up.  -thanks for sharing Dennis and Deb!
Here's Cami and Elle Lee (one of her best buds) hanging out up in the play set. 

Yes, they even have picnics up there.  

Grandma Di-Di had a very fancy tea party for princess Cami and Buzz Lightyear.  

We have also enjoyed many lazy mornings.  
With no school to get us up and going, we lounge around all morning.  
I love the snuggle time with these two.  

Here's the good 'ole hair update...
Clinic stats 6/2/11:
Height: 109.5
Weight: 18.6 kg (40.9 lbs.)

ANC: 3,200
WBC: 2.5
Hematocrit: 27.4%
Platelets: 276

 Cam's ANC was once again too high.  Her Doctors decided to up her chemo dose to 125%  We want that ANC to come down, but the more chemo she takes the higher the risk for nasty side effects.  
We are a little disappointed that we are having to give our baby even MORE chemo than whats protocol.  She has done so well the last few months, we pray she will continue to feel good, but that her ANC will drop.  


  1. Oh, what a happy post! It just screams "summer!" to me. :) What could be better than hanging around outside jumping and swimming and swinging and picnicing all summer? The "my little pony" by Cami on her towel made me smile.

    And that tea party is adorable! :)

    Has Cami's ANC been that high every month of maintenance or did it just jump up this month?

  2. What a fun post! YAY for summer fun!

  3. It's so great to see you ALL looking so great and happy. Sorry about the little set-back. She'll be in our prayers. Can't remember if Lenna said you could come on the 23rd of July or not. We'd love to see you but totally understand if you can't make.

    Love you guys! Sorry to miss the festivities at Tony Burgers. We'll all be up at Bear Lake!


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