Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Camp Hobe

The further we travel into the cancer world, the more I learn about all the amazing things people do to help these kids and their families.  About 3 months ago we received an invitation in the mail to attend Camp Hobe.  It is a summer camp created for children who are in treatment for cancer at PCMC and their siblings. I honestly hope that none of you are EVER invited to go, but it is something I truly wish each of you could be a part of.  

Cami qualified to do the day camp this year.  We signed her up for two full days of camp fun.  The camp was up in the Tooele Settlement canyon and it was just gorgeous up there away from the hustle and bustle.  A few of the moms got hotel rooms and stayed overnight so we wouldn't have to drive back and forth so much.  I was really nervous to leave Cami, but the people at Camp Hobe are VERY good at what they do.  Each child is required to have a physical and a Doctor has to fill out a 3 page worksheet on EVERY child up there.  They got a copy of my insurance card, cami's medication schedule, her medical history, AND they screened each person for illness before letting anyone even drive through the parking lot.  They had at least 2 Doctors there at all times and many nurses to do dressing changes and give medication.  The energy and love for these kids was thick in the air and you couldn't help but walk around with a smile.  Cami cant wait to go back next year!  Thank you Camp Hobe!  

For more information on Camp Hobe and to sign up to volunteer to be a camp counselor, you can go to

Here's the 4 chemo sisters.  It is amazing to watch them together.  
The bond they share makes them instant best friends.  

 These ladies are amazing!  The bond runs deep here too.  
We were able to leave our cancer kids at camp the first day, we took lunch to a park and chatted for 2 hours!  It was incredible not to worry about our kids and to be around these outstanding women who really understand and love eachother.  

The kids were kept busy each and every minute.  
They made the cutest crafts-

They made great friends-

They had fun music time-

Played on the tire swing-

They spoiled the kids with lots of yummy treats-

They even took them swimming!-

And this little girl couldn't have been happier!  She felt so big going to camp all by herself and camp is something I NEVER would have guessed possible for her while on treatment.  
It was just plain amazing all around.
Thank you, thank you Camp Hobe and all the wonderful volunteers!

I am so proud of my little camper!

 A big thanks to one of our favorite babysitters, Courtney for taking such great care of Caden.  
He had a blast and absolutely loves his Court.  

Sunday, June 26, 2011

June update

Summer is in full swing around here!  
I can barley keep up with the kids and their energy.  June has been full of swimming, staying up late, bug spray, swinging, ice cream, sleep-overs, jumping, camp, and anything else you would associate with SUMMER!  We have definitely been cramming the fun in and we aren't about to stop.  

A few days after we got home from Palm Springs, our friends came into town from texas.  Cami had been waiting for Mia to come visit and sleep-over for months.  

We just happened to have a Make-A-Wish event that same night so 
Mia got to come to the wishing place with us.

Of course Cami brought her special key that unlocks the wish tower.

 Caden is loving climbing on everything this summer.  
His knees look like he took a cheese grater to them and he is completely CRAZY, he will climb up almost anything and then turn around and jump off without a second thought.  It is terrifying!

Jumping is a favorite...
 Cami still gets tired really easily, but it is so cute how much she enjoys being outside in the sun.

A plastic pool in the backyard can entertain these kids (and pup) for hours!

Our awesome neighbors (who we share a backyard with) got a swing set and the kids have practically LIVED in it since the guys put it up.  -thanks for sharing Dennis and Deb!
Here's Cami and Elle Lee (one of her best buds) hanging out up in the play set. 

Yes, they even have picnics up there.  

Grandma Di-Di had a very fancy tea party for princess Cami and Buzz Lightyear.  

We have also enjoyed many lazy mornings.  
With no school to get us up and going, we lounge around all morning.  
I love the snuggle time with these two.  

Here's the good 'ole hair update...
Clinic stats 6/2/11:
Height: 109.5
Weight: 18.6 kg (40.9 lbs.)

ANC: 3,200
WBC: 2.5
Hematocrit: 27.4%
Platelets: 276

 Cam's ANC was once again too high.  Her Doctors decided to up her chemo dose to 125%  We want that ANC to come down, but the more chemo she takes the higher the risk for nasty side effects.  
We are a little disappointed that we are having to give our baby even MORE chemo than whats protocol.  She has done so well the last few months, we pray she will continue to feel good, but that her ANC will drop.  

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Palm Springs

We got to go on a road trip!
  I say this with much enthusiasm because Pat's family has been planning this trip for a while, but I didn't want to jinx it by assuming that everything would go as planned, because we know all too well that things don't always go as planned in the cancer world.

The kids did great on the long drive.  Isn't nap time just the BEST?!?

Grandma Lenna rented a beautiful place that we got to call home for 7 days!  
It had a pool in the backyard so needless to say, we spent 90% of our time in the water.  

Love these kiddos-

There was lots of laying out in the wonderful, warm, Palm Springs sun.  

Lots of sunscreening going on.  She has to do it herself.  

Check out these little swimmers.  
Cami is doing so great this year, she has always been quite the little fishy.

We had 20 kids and 13 adults coming and going through this house.  
We were outnumbered and it was pure craziness at times, 
but the kids just couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces.  
What could be better than waking up to a house full of your favorite buddies right?

It was so wonderful having a pool right out our back door, 
but that meant these two little hooligans had to be watched CONSTANTLY.  
They had a blast together and even stayed out of trouble for the most part.  

They found a ladybug that they watched for a good 20 minutes.  Caden was cross-eyed the entire time.  He was just about nose to nose with it.  Apparently ladybugs are fascinating!

The adults had a little fun together too.  

Here's Pat and his little brother, Tony making some yummy oreo truffle balls.  

Our newest nephew, Christian.  What a cutie!

Caden took this picture of Pat and I.  
We were laughing so hard because he could barley hold up my big camera.  
He is a photographer in training.  

Game night.  Check out Brad's poker face.  Awesome.  

On the way home, we broke up the drive by staying in Vegas overnight.  
We took the kids to see the Bellagio fountains.  They loved it!

here is yet another picture of Caden with an awkward look on his face.  
What a little weirdo.  

Stay tuned for lots more summer fun to come!