Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Please HELP!

Things are calming down in our house and I am slowly, but surely recovering from this nasty pneumonia.  Summer is upon us and we couldn't be more excited!  We are trying to pack our summer full of fun because the last 10 months we have been stuck inside 90% of the time and we have a lot of making up to do.  As the weather gets nicer, we are seeing lots of walks and races pop up.  This is so exciting, but it can also be confusing.  As much as we want to, our family can not possibly support all of the many cancer walks out there.  You really have to do your research when it comes to these fundraisers.  I think it is important to make sure the money our family raises is going EXACTLY where we want it to go (to finding a CURE for these cancer kids).  With the help of some of the more "seasoned" cancer mom's, we have done the research and found the right orginization for us...  

CureSearch funds the Children's Oncology Group (or COG), the world's largest children's cancer research collaborative.  Primary Children's is a COG hospital (meaning that some of the oncology staff and Doctors participate in childhood cancer research).  This means they give money to researchers who are working DIRECTLY with our kids.  This special group of medical professionals are trying to find better treatment plans for our kids, less side effects, and ultimately a CURE to childhood cancer.  How amazing is that?!?  The best part?  100% of donations will go DIRECTLY to this amazing research.  This is SO SO SO rare in any organization.. 100%-wow!!  I was floored when I found out that CureSearch was holding their first ever walk in Salt Lake City!  This means that our family will have a chance to participate in raising money for something that has become incredibly close to our hearts...and so will YOU!

The other great news is that the walk is July 9th, 2011.  This is the one year anniversary since Cami was diagnosed and our world was changed forever.  We are using this walk as a celebration of Cami and her first year FIGHTING and WINNING!  She has made it through so much and she has always come out with a smile.  This little girl is amazing and we want to show her our support by rallying around her at this walk.

BUT we need your HELP!!!
I am calling all Cami supporters.  Please come be part of the CURE for childhood cancer.  If you have been touched by Cami and her cancer buddies, if you have learned from their strength and courage, if you have read this blog and wondered how you can help...this is your chance!  These kids didn't ask to get cancer and they certainly don't deserve all the pain and suffering that goes along with it.  They are too young to speak for themselves.  We need to be their advocates, and their voices.  We may not be able to take away their pain, but together we can help them to have the chance at a better life and better cure.

All of these children suffer from childhood cancer...just look at those smiles!

Here's what you need to do...
There are many ways you can help our family make this fund raiser a HUGE GIGANTIC success.

#1- Join Cami's CURE crew.  Come walk with us on July 9th 2011 at 9AM for the CureSearch walk.  It will be held at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It is only $10 to walk and show your support, remember every cent of your $10 will go towards finding a CURE for childhood cancer.  We are going to celebrate Cami's first year of kicking cancer's butt!  Click here to go to Cami's CURE Crew team page and sign up TODAY!

#2- Become a virtual walker on Cami's CURE Crew.  Many of you wont be able to physically come and walk with us that day.  Thats OK!  You can sign up to be a virtual walker and still be a part of our team.  Click here to register to be a virtual walker on our team!  Make sure you select the "virtual walker" option.

#3- Donate to Cami's CURE Crew.  You can donate ANY amount, remember it ALL goes to finding a CURE for the kids.  Click here to donate.

#4- Get your company involved.  We are looking for corporate sponsorship.  If your company is interested in raising money for CureSearch, if they do a dollar match program, if they want to support and advertise plus get a nice tax write-off please contact me at chelseacarver@gmail.com

#5- Volunteer.  You can host a bake/garage/lemonade sale, help us pass out flyers, hang posters, or volunteer the day of the event.  Email me at chelseacarver@gmail.com if you'd like to help out.

#6- Tell EVERYONE you know.  Link this blog post to your facebook, blog and twitter.  Tell your family and friends to participate.  People can sign up/donate to be on Cami's team, create their own team, or donate to CureSearch in general.  No matter how you chose to participate, it is a great cause worthy of LOTS of support.    

Not only will you be helping these kids, it is going to be a BLAST!  We have live entertainment, activities for the kids, lots of great food, and plenty of good company.  It is sure to be a day the entire family will want to make a tradition year after year.  We cant wait to see you there! 

Thank you for your support!  
We are honored to have such wonderful friends and family surrounding us.  

**a HUGE thank you to Jen Herem Photography for taking all of these amazing photos.**


  1. I was given your blog address from a friend of mine not long after my sweet daughter (only 18 mo old) was also diagnosed with ALL. It has been almost a month now and it has been helpful for me to read through and see some of the struggles as well as positives that can be had along the journey. Thank you for sharing the good and bad and your beautiful Cami with us through your posts.


  2. beautifully put, chelsea!! i am going to steal some of your wording when i do my post. hope you don't mind. :)

    bring on the walk!


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