Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 9: One last time...

On our last full day, we went back to Universal.  This time we went to the "older" park (the non-Harry Potter park).  We went on the ET ride first, which ended up being Cami's favorite.  We went on it 6 times!!  Just outside of ET is Fievel's playground.  This kids could have stayed here all day.  They had giant slides, a water slide, a huge ball pit, and it was all made to make you feel as tiny as a mouse. 

This picture cracks me up.  Pat is having the time of his life, Caden is holding on for dear life and he looks absolutely terrified, and the lady running the ride was obviously not happy I took her picture.  

Once again, Universal spoiled us.  This is how we entered all the rides.  I think the longest we waited in line that day was 10 minutes.  It was fabulous!    -thank you Universal!!

This "older" side was fun, because it was much less crowded and there was a HUGE area dedicated to little ones.  It was perfect for our kids!  
The Curious George splash zone was adorable.

 We also discovered Cadens DREAM land.  It was a ball zone.  They had thousands of foam balls with guns to shoot them, hoses that sucked them up, air that blew them, buckets to drop them, and every other contraption you could think of.  It was a blast!

We ran into some characters from Madagascar.  

Then we headed over to watch Shrek 4-D then we ran into Shrek and Donkey after.  
Donkey was hilarious and a little frightening at the same time, OK Shrek was pretty freaky looking too.  

Next we ran into the Hop characters.  This movie hadn't come out yet, so the poor characters had NO line, but they spent tons of time with us.  Caden was unsure about the mean looking chick.  

Cami was doing the bunny hop dance with the bunnies, now after watching the movie, she was a little upset that she danced with the "bad guys".  

We had to snap a picture in California land.  
We felt like we were back in our old stomping grounds..good 'ole San Francisco!

Then we spotted a Mel's drive-in (which was our favorite burger joint when we lived in Cali).  We were so excited to eat a late lunch there, but we were THOROUGHLY disappointed.  They basically had amusement park burgers wrapped in the Mel's logo.  Ick!  
Cami loved the vintage car they had out front though.

After lunch the kids fell asleep so we left the kids with Grandma, promised to bring her back a butter beer, and darted across the entire park into Harry Potter World one last time.  We went on the dueling dragons (our favorite)  and bought our last frozen butter beers.  Are we slightly obsessed?  YEP, and we're proud to admit it!  They were delicious right up until the last frothy sip.
It was the perfect way to end our amusement park adventures.   


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