Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 6: Move it! Shake it! Celebrate it!

We started the day off with horseback riding. 
Cami got to ride both the horses they had.  She loved it!

Then we headed through here one last time...

Hollywood Studios was our first stop.  We went to the Voyage of the Little Mermaid show, the Beauty and the Beast show and a Disney Jr. show.  Cami said she liked them all, but that Beauty and the Beast was her favorite (surprise, surprise!).

Caden was bored with it all and decided a nap was in order.  Pat also looked a little pained.

We met lots of Characters...

We were most excited to meet BUZZ in this park.
Buzz Lightyear is basically Caden's idol.  He just loves this guy and couldn't wait to meet him!

I just need to say that Caden is my quiet little guy.  The entire time we were in Florida he was happy to mainly observe.  He hardly ever showed any emotion on the rides until they were over, then he'd say "again, again".  If you look at the pictures of him with the characters, he almost always has his hand in his mouth (because he is nervous) and he wouldn't look any of them in the eye.  He wasn't scared of the characters, he's just shy.  He is just our go-with-the-flow boy, he always has been. This is so opposite of Cami.  She has always been our little performer and she has always loved the spotlight.  With her getting so much attention through all of this I am so grateful that he is naturally happier outside of the spotlight.  He was meant to come to our family at this time.  I love my little bubba and when I look back on how little he was when Cami was diagnosed it makes me sad how fast he has grown and we have missed a lot of it.  He has learned to be thrown off schedule, be tossed around from sitter to sitter, watch his sister in pain, play by himself, and do without us so many times.  He is definitely not perfect (he is teething and sick right now- not fun!), but he has been amazing through our cancer journey and we couldn't have asked for a better kid to be Cami's little brother.  I am so happy that we were able to make a few of his wishes come true too.  He deserved it!  

We put that magic button to good use and skipped the LOOOONG line to meet Buzz.  
Here they are about to let us in to see him, through the "cast and crew only" door.  

Cami was so excited for Caden, it was adorable.
Our little shy boy (who could barely bring himself to look at the other characters) just couldn't take his eyes off Buzz.

Caden was in awe!

but, still REALLY nervous.  
He cracks me up!

After Buss, it was off to one of our favorite rides...

When Caden fell asleep we decided to take Cam on the Tower of Terror.  She wasn't quite sure if she liked it or not.  She told us she was nervous that our family would disappear like the family on the ride.  Once we told her it was pretend, she said
 "OK, I loved it then".  Silly little thing. 

Then Cami wanted to go back to the Magic Kingdom, so off we went!

We were just walking in when a mini parade started.  It was such a fun and unplanned surprise.  We had a great spot and once again Cami got some very special attention.  The street performers were constantly giving her high-fives and then at the end they took her out to dance with Jesse!

I dint take very many pictures the rest of the day because we were busy going on every ride on Cami's list.  Of course Dumbo was on that list.  I think they could have gone on this ride 20 times!

We ended the day with the "Wishes" fireworks. 

At the beginning of the show they have "shooting star" fireworks.  
Cami was making a wish on each one.

 The title of the firework show is "Wishes"... to say that I was an emotional wreck for this show is an understatement.  Every song was about overcoming obstacles, dreaming big, and having wishes come true.  It was magical and I wasn't just tearing up, I was a blubbering mess.  It was embarrassing.  

Cami was so worried about me and she kept wiping my tears away, which only made it worse of course.  

By the end of the night the kids were OUT cold in the stroller.  Caden had his face pushed so hard up against the mesh of the stroller.  It was so late, we thought it was about the funniest thing we ever saw.
What a couple of cuties...

It was a bitter-sweet day as we knew it was our last day at the magical Disney parks.  We were treated so unbelievably well by Disney and we will never forget some of the experiences they gave our family.  Disney truly is a place where dreams come true and it is a place we will always hold dear to our hearts.  Cami is already asking when we can go back.

"Now its time to say goodbye
To all our company
Through the years we'll all be friends
Wherever we may be
Micky Mouse, Micky Mouse
Forever let us hold your banner high
M-I-C -See ya real soon!
K-E-Y -Why? Because we like you!

Keep checking... there's more amazing wish trip days to come!


  1. I love seeing her dance in the streets! She is such a precious little girl. Seeing the picture of you crying made me cry. I could just feel some of your emotion. I pray for your family. You are all so strong. I love you all!

  2. I would just like to be on record of saying that the Beauty and the Beast show was the highlight of my trip. My facial expression looked "pained" because I was holding back my tears.. Beast is just so mis-understood!

  3. hehe :)

    what a fun day! how perfect to end with the most magical place of all. i loved the pics of cami at the the beauty and the beast show and of caden with buzz. what magic!!

    and i feel you about the fireworks. i'm always a mess, too. :) cami is such a sweetheart. reading about her being concerned about you totally made me smile. what a sweetie!

  4. Well, I don't know what's more embarrassing- you blubbering like an idiot while watching the magical "wish" fireworks. . . OR ME BLUBBERING LIKE AN IDIOT JUST *READING* ABOUT IT! ;)

    You have managed to capture the MAGIC of each and every day of your trip. You're amazing!

    And no- you SHOULD NOT BE EMBARRASSED about the blubbering. . . . I however, probably should be! ;)


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