Monday, April 25, 2011

April update

Have I mentioned how much we LOVE the fact that we only have to go into clinic once a month these days?  Well, we love it!  Our schedule is starting to get back in rhythm with how life used to be.  Cami has even talked about adding a dance class back into things.. this is HUGE!  3 months ago her legs hurt so badly that she was crawling or not moving from the couch at all.  We are so happy to have said goodbye to those dreaded weekly clinic visits.  Once a month is something we can manage.  

Cami was due for a back poke this month.  She had to be put to sleep to have spinal fluid removed and chemo put in its place.  This is never fun for her, but she was a trooper.  It still amazes me how well kids can adapt to things.  This has become Cami's normal, where for most, it would be a nightmare.  I only wish I could adapt to life's trials so well.

Look at her cute pixie hair coming in.  There's not much difference from last month, except its starting to curl in the back.  Im getting a little nervous for it to grow back again though.  I think I've forgotten how to do little girls hair...eeeek!  

Clinic stats 3/10/11:
Height: 109
Weight: 17.9kg (39.4 lbs.)

ANC: 1,200
WBC: 1.9
Hematocrit: 31.4%
Platelets: 365

Cami is doing great.  Her ANC is exactly where we want it to be.  Its not too high, not to low.  Please stay right where you are little cells, this month has been good to our Cam.


  1. Yea! Dancing is how I remember Cami! Her hair is darling! She is such a trooper, and we think about you often!

    Love you guys!

  2. Millie has loved doing a side activity! I will hope that Cami's ANC will stay right where it is. I'm so glad it was a good month for you guys. Cami and you deserve it!

  3. Chelsea,

    I am not sure exactly how I came across your blog...but Cami's story has touched my heart to the core.

    My mom, Jerra, lost her battle with multiple myeloma one year ago tomorrow - April 26th. My mom had a deep faith and fought her disease with a radiance that you could see through her eyes and smile. Almost immediately after her diagnosis my family went full-fighting force into raising money to fund cancer research.

    Over the last hour, I have sat here reading almost all of your posts and looking at the hundreds of pictures that dot this blog - Cami and your whole family are truly inspiring. Her smile and light shines through this her hardest fight. I remember my mom saying to me, "I can fight this, but why the little ones?" You said in one of your posts "A perfect, innocent, beautiful, child does not deserve cancer and all the pain and trauma that goes along with it." No - no one deserves this disease - young or old. But the way that you have chosen to share Cami's story with others is an inspiration. You are able to put a positive tone in each post and always look towards "tomorrow". I know that even in the depths of my grief and the moments of utter pain over not having my mom next to me, I have tried to do that same thing (although - as I am sure you might agree - it is not always easy to do and sometimes it just doesn't work at all)!

    Know that I will be praying for Cami and I hope you don't mind if I keep following her story. May many blessings shower down on your sweet girl and your whole family!

    With Admiration and Blessings, Ashley

  4. I absolutely LOVE your blog.. It is inspiring how this little girl is going through all this and still smiles :) I Love it!! And i love her hair.. I didn't know her hair was so dark!! :)

  5. loving her hair...she looks beautiful. she gives me strength!!! love her...and you.

  6. I love to hear good news. I am so happy that you guys are being almost normal again. It would be really sweet to get Cami out enjoying her old fun things like dancing. I love the pictures of her hair. It is so beautiful. Erin had a little trouble with me combing her hair now that it's longer, like she didn't remember ever having her hair combed before. I'm sure you'll do fine doing Cami's hair again.

  7. So great to see that heroic little girl with that cute hair! We love her and her amazing parents!

  8. So happy you are getting your normal back!

  9. haha, i feel you about not knowing what to do with hair anymore! :) elena was so annoyed when i first started brushing her hair after the bath. :)

    it makes my heart SO happy to hear that it has been a good month for cami and you guys! you deserve it!

  10. Your family is so strong and amazing chelsea! Your sweet little cami is such an incredible girl and she gets that from you! Thank you for always being here for me and for being such an incredible friend! I'm happy to hear that things are going a little more smooth for cami, she deserves it! Thank you for all you do! Love ya!

  11. She looks adorable. Glad to hear things are getting a little easier for you!

  12. Yay!!! We love u guys!! Xoxo
    Danielle/ Mia

  13. I am seriously just LOVING her can a little girl look so darn cute with long hair, no hair or pixie hair...she is just beautiful that how! i love you chel and am so happy things are slowing down and going back to normal. so so so so so so lucky to have you as my sister and cami as my niece! xoxo

  14. Hey there,

    you guys don't know me. I came across this blog after one of my friends posted about the cuts for Cami event on facebook and I have been following it ever since!!

    Just want you to know how much I love this blog and how much Cami and your family has become a part of my thoughts! I wonder and think about your amazing little girl all the time!! Shes beautiful and your family has done such an amazing job dealing with this hardship!!

    Much love to you all

  15. My name is Leslie and I own the Cookie Cutters Hair Cuts for Kids. You guys have a donation bucket here and no one has checked on it in quite some time. Would you like me to put the money in your Pay Pal account or just hamg on to it? You can call me at the store any time (801)298-2986

  16. Hi Cami!
    My name is Jenna and I came across your site. u are a brave, courageous, determined and strong fighter. U are a real inspirational hero. U will be in my thoughts.
    I was born with a rare life threatening disease.

  17. We are thinking of you. Let me know anything we can do to help.


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