Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 3: "This is the best day of my life" -Cami

Of all our days in Florida this is the day that will be etched in my memory forever.  Quite honestly, it was pretty darn close to perfect.  We woke up to fabulous weather and big plans to visit the much anticipated Magic Kingdom (and it's lovely princesses).  

The Magic began right at Give Kids The World Village.
On our way to breakfast, the kids went horseback riding!
  As for our breakfast...

Cami and Caden loved their horseback ride and the special treatment from the staff.
After their ride, they were given cowboy hats and certificates declaring them to be

OH, and of course a ride on the carousel!  Talk about a way to start our perfect day.

Now, before I go any further I have to tell about Cami's "fairy godmother".  Her name is Suzie and she handmade this dress for Cami especially for her wish trip.  The day before we left there was a beautiful package at our door and inside was this gorgeous dress and a special note from her fairy godmother!  Cami felt so beautiful in it especially because every little girl and mom we saw was asking where she got it.  Cami just replied "its from my fairy godmother, if you wish hard enough, you can get one too!"  

If you are wishing hard enough for a dress like this, you are in luck because Suzie sells them here.

Thank you again Suzie, this dress is AMAZING!  
Cami puts it on just to twirl at least once a day.

When we got to the Magic Kingdom, we surprised Cami and told her that she would be having lunch with the princesses in Cinderella's CASTLE!!  I don't know who was more excited me, or Cami.  She adores all things "princess" and to finally be in the center of the PRINCESS MOTHER LOAD, for lunch, IN CINDERELLA'S CASTLE... well, she was in awe (so was I)!

It was just Cami and I at the lunch and it was such a treat to have a little Mommy/daughter time.  I only wish everyone could have seen her face when those princesses walked in.  It was pure delight.  Cami's button worked its magic once again and those lovely ladies just smothered Cami in kisses, loves and attention.  I swear she talked to Jasmine for at least 30 minutes!  I was afraid Cami would never stop telling her random stories.  Poor Jasmine couldn't escape to another table because Cami was just talking her ear off, but Jasmine was so sweet about it and told Cami that they were now friends forever.  You should have seen the look of delight on that girls face, it was priceless.

This video describes it better than I do.

I could not stop crying during this lunch!  The poor princesses didn't quite know what to do with me.  I just kept thinking about all Cami that has been through.  A perfect, innocent, beautiful, child does not deserve cancer and all the pain and trauma that goes along with it.  My beautiful Cami, who I love beyond words SO deserved this magical experience!  Having this wish to look forward to got Cami through some of her hardest times and she was finally living her dream.  How many people can say they've truly experienced that?  As for me, instead of being overwhelmed with worries, I was overwhelmed with happiness and joy!
An emotional, but extremely sweet experience for both of us!

Here is princess Cami walking up the spiral staircase in the castle.

We got to meet so many lovely princesses in the castle-

Although Belle is Cami's favorite princess, Jasmine and Cinderella won my heart at this lunch.  These girls were adorable with Cami.

  In our rush to get to lunch on time, we forgot Cami's autograph book.  We didnt realize it until we walked into the castle and we were greeted by none other than Cinderella.  Cami was really disappointed that the princesses wouldn't be able to sign in HER book, but Cinderella signed her lunch ticket instead and we went upstairs to find our table.  Ten minutes later, our waitress came over with a brand new autograph book from Cinderella.  She had signed and kissed the front page.  Cami was THRILLED!  One more thing to add to the list of amazing things Disney did for us on this trip.  

Jasmine spent lots of time with us and she just kept coming back to our table to visit Cami.  During the meal, they dim the lights and each person is given a wish star to make a wish on.  Jasmine helped Cami close her eyes and told her that when a princess helps you make your wish it is more likely to come true.
Little did they know... Cami's wish WAS coming true!!!  

Meanwhile, the little prince was outside working on getting his sword.

As we walked out of our fairytale lunch, feeling giddy and excited, we walked right into another magical moment (Im telling you the magic just follows these wish kids everywhere... it is AMAZING)!  Anyway, Mary Poppins and the penguins were literally right outside the palace doors.  Cami couldn't contain herself.  She ran right over and told them all about her lunch and they oohed and ahhed over her dress.  

Then Miss Poppins asked if they could twirl together.  Caden and the penguins joined in on the action. 
After all that twirling, Cami was getting hot and she wanted to go on some rides.

Enter Outfit #2-
This dress was also made especially for Cami's wish trip.  It is the perfect Magic Kingdom dress.  It was cool and comfy (and adorable to boot!).  She BEGGED me to let her wear it every day.  A huge thank you to hot tots cool kids for thinking of Cami and making her this adorable dress!

After finishing up Small world, Peter Pan, Dumbo (twice), Prince Charming's carrousel, and Winnie the Pooh, we ran into some characters.
Cami just wanted to stay there and snuggle up with Pooh all day.

Cami wanted some fries, so we took a little snack break.  
She was on a high, telling us all about "the best day of her life".

Next it was off to Tomorrowland.  While Caden took a 2 hour nap in the stroller...YES!  First stop, Space Mountain (the "big ride" Pat was talking about in the video).  Unfortunately it was NOT Cami's favorite ride... AT ALL!  Needless to say, that put a quick halt on our visit to Tomorrowland.  I was worried that we had ruined any chance of getting Cami on another fun, fast, ride for the rest of the trip.

Then, we ran into these two-
Rapunzel and Flynn might be the most anticipated characters besides The famous mouse duo.  It seems like every little girls new favorite princess is Rapunzel,
and who's to blame them?
She is rad.
Cami is no exception, Rapunzel is her "new" favorite and she kept asking if I thought she lived at Disney World too.  I dint know if they would have such a new princess, but sure enough Disney was on top of things!  Not only did they have Rapunzel, but Flynn too and these characters did not disappoint!  They have a huge, secluded area for these two (partially because of the gigantic line), but when a member  of the Disney staff told them Cami was there, they walked over to the roped off exit to get her.  She walked hand in hand up the stairs with them to their little stage area.  They spent so long chatting with her.  She told them all about Space Mountain and how she didnt like it.  Flynn had an excellent story about how Rapunzel cant ride Space Mountain anymore because the wind made her hair hit some lady sitting behind her.  Apparently, now she has to stick with the slower rides.  These two played their parts SO well, they almost had me convinced!
I was a little star-struck.  

Next we headed over to Adventureland where we rode Pirates and the magic carpet ride (which fulfilled yet ANOTHER of Cami's wishes, you can read more about her wish process here).   
Then we were off to Frontierland to try our luck with some more "big" rides, Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain.  Cami loved them both and she became a little thrill seeker from that point on.  

After riding Splash Mountain twice, and Thunder Mountain once, we ran into Woody and Jessie.  They were packing up to leave so we told Cami that she would have to meet them another time, but when the photographer saw her magic button she told us to come on up.  This caused quite a bit of drama because there were many kids being turned away at this point, so Jessie and Woody walked hand in hand with Cami and took her behind the gates.  There was a beautiful trail and road back behind the "do not enter sign".  They spent about 15 minutes playing and dancing with her.  It was, once again, magical.  

At the end of the day, we were exhausted so we decided to skip the fireworks and head home before the crowds.  By the time we got out of the park and onto the ferry that takes you back to the parking lot, the fireworks had started.  We were able to watch the entire show as we crossed the lake.
It was another magical end to a fairytale day.

When we got home, "Cinderella" had sent Cami new PJ's to wear to bed as a thank you for coming to lunch at the castle.  She couldn't believe it.

Caden had a certain song stuck in his head all night.
In case you cant tell, he is singing "yo ho yo ho, a pirates life for me".

Sheesh!  That sure was a lot of pictures and videos!
Stay tuned for day 4...


  1. Oh my gosh, I am so glad you linked this from Facebook. I haven't been reading your blog but I really should be. Cami is a doll and my favorite part is when she said "Now this is a roller coaster!" --so amazing. It looks like there were a lot of fun, special things on this trip. So glad you were able to take Cami on such a wonderful, memorable vacation. XOXO

  2. How absolutely fabulous! I'm going to show both of these posts to Saydi's kids in the morning and they're going to LOVE it. New baby here! No name yet but such a cute little guy.

    What an adventure you've had since July. As I always say, you wouldn't ask for it for anything but you wouldn't give up what you've learned for all the world!

    We're so happy for all you guys! LOVE YOU!

  3. How come everything that comes out of Cami's mouth is so precious? Those videos crack me up (and totally bring out the kid in I want to go to Disney World!) What a cutie pie you have and what an amazing experience! I'm so glad you all got to go have some fun in such a wonderful place. I can't wait to read more about it.

    hugs & kisses from Seattle,

  4. those pictures and videos are adorable!! Cami is such a cutie. I'm so happy everything went so perfectly.

  5. ahh i am in love with this. i am so glad it was so fabulous!! we miss you guys!! text or call me if you want to figure out a day to come in and bring pics for her scrapbook, we would love to see you!! but if you are too busy we can always just mail some in or email. :)

  6. I love it!!! Mia was clapping for Cami and she said .. " I love u and miss you Cami"!!! What a fun trip :))) xoxo


  7. I'm grinning from EAR TO EAR!!! xoxo

  8. I cried and cried. What an amazing experience. Cami looks stunning in her Belle dress. I absolutely LOVE the pictures of her in the other princess dress in front of the castle. They are perfect. I am so happy for Cami. What an amazing wish. Love you guys.

  9. Wow that looks like EVERY little girls dream come true! Love that little Cami!
    Love Nat

  10. YES! It absolutely looks like "the best day" of Cami's life. Horseback riding, ice cream for breakfast, lunch with the princesses, and all the other excitement of the magic kingdom??! SO WONDERFUL! This post touched my heart - what a special day - I'm so glad Cami (and you guys!!) were able to feel so much joy! And I agree with Amanda - I absolutely LOVE the pics of Cami in her second dress in front of the castle. They're the perfect pictures to capture the sheer magic and joy of the day.


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