Sunday, January 2, 2011

The best Christmas EVER!!!

This year will go down in history as the best Christmas we've ever had!  We had 2 different Santa's come to visit our house, we were given a gazillion yummy treats to fill us up, we were the recipients of so many acts of kindness and service, and the kids were spoiled by too many people to list.  BUT... none of those reasons are what made it the best Christmas EVER.  It was the best Christmas ever because we got to spend it together, as a family.  We have really learned what a special gift that is, and we have never appreciated it more than we did this year.  

Here is a little recap of our Christmas together...

We spend every Christmas Eve with Pats family.  Lenna (Pat's mom) makes a beautiful feast and we all sit down to gorgeous tables for a fancy dinner.  It is a tradition I love and look forward to each year.  This year the kids did the nativity.  It really helped Cami to understand what happened and the true meaning of Christmas.  She has been talking about Jesus' birth ever since.  I am SO grateful she was able to be there to participate in this.  

Cami was an angel, but she took off her costume before I could snap a picture.

Heres Pat and the kids watching the end of the nativity together.  

Cami drew this on Christmas day.
It is Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.
I love it! 

Leaving cookies, milk and carrots for Santa before bed...

Cami had to count out each carrot and make sure there would be enough for each reindeer. 

Let me just tell you, we have a VERY serious Santa at our house.  Pat LOVES Christmas and does everything in his power to make Santa as magical as possible.  We put the kids to bed with a Christmas story and then Pat warned Cami that if she saw Santa or was awake when he came to leave gifts, he would disappear.  Later that night he climbed up on the roof, jingled these LOUD bells and stomped around for Cami to hear.  

The next morning we heard all about Santa being on the roof and the kids could hardly wait to go downstairs to see what he left them.
I am loving the age they are at and that they were both so excited for Santa.

Cami went straight for the evidence.  
She was thrilled to see that Santa and the reindeer ate the treats she left.   

Now on to eat her own treat...

Here are the kids checking out what Santa left them.

Caden with his loot...

When  Caden concentrates he sticks his tounge WAY out.  
He's like a mini Micheal Jordan... look at that thing!

Here is a VERY excited Cami telling me what Santa brought...

Cami's levels have been too low to go anywhere so she stayed home for most of December (with a few special exceptions).  She told me that she HAD to go to the store to get her brother a Christmas gift, and that it HAD to be a pillow pet.  I wouldnt let her go to the store, but I went and took pictures of the different pillow pets to let her choose the one she wanted to give him.
Then she sent me back with her own money ($5... haha) to buy it.  It is the first year she really wanted to give something to someone, It was cute how excited she was to see him open it.  
Caden adores it.. just like she knew he would!

Our cute friends and babysitters came down to give the kids gifts.  
My kids adore these girls!
Kylie, Chloe, and Courtney

Grandma Lenna also came down so the kids could show her what they got.  
We love you Grandma Lenna!

These are our neighbors Debbie and Dennis, but they are SO much more than neighbors or friends.  They are more like an Uncle Dennis and Aunt Debbie.  They come over every few days to visit the kids and bring a little something to cheer them up.  Cami just lights up when she sees them.  They have really helped get us through the hard times.
We love you guys!

Cami got a Zhu Zhu pet and it had this sticker on it that said...
"Please keep toy away from hair"
We were cracking up at this one!
(I guess there are some plus sides to being bald).
Caden opening his BIG gift...

And look what was inside!
This was by far his favorite gift.. he sits on it and dreams of warmer weather.  

Another tradition we have is Christmas brunch at my Grandma's house.  Cami wanted to go, but she was exhausted and it was really hard making her wear her mask the night before so while Pat and the kids were taking a nap, I snuck away to my Grandmas for a delicious brunch.  -Thanks Grandma! 

I got to spend some time with my newest niece, Rya, who was all dolled up looking just like a little elf.   

Me and my rock... my mama.

Here's a picture of all the women there that day (we missed you Anna).  
There's 4 generations here... WOW!!

After brunch I ran home to get ready for round #2.  
Every year my Dad AKA my "original" Santa comes down with his gifts to the kids.
Grandpa Dave spoils them rotten every year without fail.  

Here's Cami with her round #2 gifts...
and Caden with his...

Grandpa gave Cami a karaoke machine.  
She has not stopped singing on that thing.
Now she REALLY thinks she's a rockstar.

Caden got some musical instruments so he makes the perfect little back-up man.

Nothing beats seeing my kids happy, healthy and playing TOGETHER.
Best gift I could ask for.

and this picture just makes me laugh...



  1. It was such a fun December together! So glad we got to spend some time together! :) Loved every singal carmel and cant wait for next yers batch! I am so happy that you all had a HAPPY HEALTHY Christmas! There isnt anything more important then that!
    Love you guys

  2. I agree Chel - - This WAS the best Christmas EVER! A deeper appreciation of what is really important - FAMILY, friends (new and old), a happy Cami OFF steroids and pain pills (for christmas anyway-YEAH!) and lots and lots and lots of LOVE! We are so blessed in so many ways beyond "things". LOVE YOU ALL!
    ~ Grandma Di-Di

  3. So fun to see this since we can't be right there with you! Thanks for sharing and hugs to you all!

  4. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful Christmas photos...They are great! It makes us happy that you think of us as more like an Aunt Debbie and Uncle Dennis...We luv that! You are like family to us also and you have helped to make this Christmas an extra special one for us too. We love you guys! :)

  5. I cant tell you how happy it makes me that she is doing so well and that you had a great Christmas and New Year! Its so amazing how quickly they bounce back isnt it? Cami looked like she was feeling better....I love the pic of her arm around Caden. SO CUTE! Looking forward to a happy and healthy 2011 for your family...and mine! :)

  6. aw I love it, you guys look like you had a great Holiday!! I'm so glad Cami was feeling good & enjoyed all of that!
    Love you guys!!


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