Saturday, December 11, 2010

PaRTaY people!!!

This last week I have been thankful for people, socializing, and parties.  I just LOVE a good party, I mean, who doesn't.. right???  This last week we have been VERY isolated and I am looking back on some fun parties we got to attend before having to hide in our bubble again....

Cami's counts have been dropping since we started this last phase, the Doctors told us that if we have a large extended family (which we do), to expect staying home for Thanksgiving, so we planned for a Thanksgiving at home with just the four of us.  They thought for sure her counts would drop to zero that week and then it wouldn't be safe to be around such a large group.  We had Cami's levels checked the day before turkey day and sure enough she surprised us all again.. this girl AMAZES me!  Her levels were high enough to be in a "crowd (which Pat's side is considered).  We were beyond grateful to be able to spend Thanksgiving at our sisters restaurant Arella Pizzeria with our awesome, HUGE, family!  Go Cami GO!!! 

Here are some pics for your enjoyment...

There are 20 cousins on Pats side.. this is why we have had to move Thanksgiving dinner to the restaurant.

This kid was in heaven!  Food all day= pure heaven for "the chunk".

Callie and Caden have become quite the pair.  Thanks to Callies cute mom, Natalie, Caden hangs out with them on most of our clinic days.

cute cousins...

Here's just some of the adults...

Cami didn't eat much at all.  Her steroids hadn't REALLY kicked in yet...

After dinner at Arella we went up to see Great Grandpa and Grandma.  
They just adore Cami and give her so much attention, they sat there and watched her color for about 30 minutes!  It was adorable.  We love you Nee-Nee and Ba-Ba.

I am also grateful Cami's levels were high enough to go to her friend Mia's special birthday party.  She had a tea party at the Grand America.  The girls got all dressed up and had "tea" (or hot chocolate in these girls case).  
Thanks for the fun party Mia!!!

These are probably the last parties Cami will be able to attend this year, and I am so very THANKFUL she got to have a good time.   


  1. I just LOVE the picture of those three darling girls at Mia's B-Day party. Danielle & Mia...what amazing, supporting friends you have been to Chel & Cami. They miss you both!!! What cute girls! Great friends!

  2. So cute! Those are some great pictures. I'm glad you got to have some fun parties - maybe she'll surprise you with good Christmas counts too! I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  3. Chel and Cam.. We are miss'n you guys sooooo much! Mia watched thouTou tube video of Cam and the Jazz bear tonight, and started to cry when she saw Cami :(
    She misses her soo much!!!! We pray for you guys every day!!! I love the picture of the 3 little princess's at our tea party! That was a memory we will treasure forever :).. Stay strong girlz!!!! We <3 u !!!!
    Love u
    Danielle&Mia XOXO


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