Monday, November 8, 2010

A Time Out!

It has been 18 days since Cami's last chemo treatment. She has been so happy, and energetic the past week. She has been a joy! We have started seeing glimpses of our old Cami back and it has been wonderful to say the least. Thursday she will start the final round of treatment before maintenance, its called Delayed Intensification and from what I understand its going to hit her pretty hard. I am SO dreading the day that my little Cami goes away again. I know she will be back, but now that I've gotten a taste of my normal, happy, healthy,little girl I don't want to let her go. I am trying really hard to enjoy these next couple days without letting the anxiety get to me.

Cami's home care nurse came to check her counts in between clinic visits and I had to snap a picture of how good Doctor Cami is at drawing her own blood and then doing a saline flush. That is one thing I never thought I'd see... EVER!

We were invited to St. George this past weekend with some cancer friends, the Flamm's (Millie's family). We were so happy that Cam's counts came back at 1600 so we were able to go! It was nice to take Cami away while she feels good enough.
Thanks Flamms!

The kids did great the entire ride down. I love my sleeping babes-

It makes me all choked up to see these two together. Knowing what they have been through at such a young age amazes me. They are great little buds.
Aren't they the cutest little things?!

We also had a chance to get together with another cancer family (who I've only ever talked to online). The Prince family (or Chases fam). The Daddy's had fun watching the U game, the kids had a blast and us moms chatted the day away. We are so grateful for our friends. It is incredible to have people who just "get" it.
Thanks Prince family!

Here are the three cancer fighting cuties.
Cami, Chase and Millie

Chase is 2 1/2. Caden just adored him. They were good little buds. Every time Caden throws a tantrum or runs around like a crazy person I think of Chase and his mom, Dani. I honestly don't know how she does it.. can you imagine a 2 year old hooked up to tubes and waiting around in Doctor's offices for hours at a time. Oh, and she also has a 2 month old. All the while driving to SLC from St. George EVERY week to get his chemo!
Yeah, she is amazing!

Here are the little buds Chase and Caden.

Chase also has an older sister, Abby, who is exactly Cami and Millie's age. She was so cute with the girls and they had so much fun together.


  1. Wow that is great you all got to hang out together. It brings tears to my eyes seeing those strong little fighters together, they definitely have a unique bond that will last forever! That pic of Cami pushing the saline in is amazing, she is so brave. Good luck with this next round, I know how scared you must be but I will pray extra hard for you guys. But Im so excited that she is one step closer to maintenance, that will be so nice when you get to that point. Im SOOOO proud of you Cami for being so brave!!!!

    Crystal :)

  2. Wow such cute kids, all of them! So glad that you have had the chance to feel "normal" again, well kinda of! I love Cami's sweet smile and laugh! She is truly pure joy! Love you guys~! We are praying for you...... lets hope everything goes well tomorrow for you! And that Cami reacts to everything as well as we can hope for
    Love Nat

  3. Thrills my heart and saddens it to see those beautiful girls together. The instant love and understanding they will always share.

  4. This tears your heart out to think what these adorable little cuties have been through and will continue to deal with! But as you say, it's also an enormous blessing to know that you get your Cami back!

    We're praying for you!

  5. So fun!! It looks like the kids had a blast and I'm sure it was nice for the parents too! I don't know how Dani does that drive. It's a pain with kids that are not on chemo...she is definitely AMAZING! Glad you guys had a good time!

  6. Sounds like a blast! I'm glad you guys had a fun break! Cutest kids! Good luck tomorrow! xoxo

  7. i'm so glad you guys got a little break. you sure deserve it! and it was probably a nice way to celebrate before D.I. started. that picture of millie and cami with their arms around each other is so precious. what special little friends.

    like i said today, i totally understand your feelings about starting D.I. i was there two months ago - i totally cried my eyes out many nights after reading/thinking about the round. we are hoping and praying(!) that cami's and your guys' experience with is is not as bad as you fear. we will be praying for cami every night! hang in there!

    i'm SO glad that we finally got to meet in person today! what a treat! i loved talking with you. it made a long clinic day that much more bearable and faster. :) cami is an absolute DOLL! i hope we get to see lots more of eachother!

  8. OMG I have tears in my eyes right now MIllie and CAmi are so cute. They are both big goofballs. love,
    cyndell, millies cousin


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