Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Clinic 11/24/10

We had clinic this morning at 8:30, but we left nice and early because of the snow.  Cami was less than thrilled about being woken up, dragged out into the freezing cold, and all just to get POKED!!!  She was mad and tired.  

She perked up once we got there.  They got us right back, her chemo was sent up from the pharmacy almost immediately and she got lots of attention from all the nurses and Doctors.  
It was nice to have a quiet day at clinic for once.

Cami has been asking Rachelle, the child life specialist, to show her what an actual port looks like.  Rachelle brought her one to look at today and she was fascinated!

Cami has named her port "Chloe".  When she gets fluids or chemo she says "Chloe" is getting a drink.

Here is a closer shot.  Cami's port sits just under her skin, right under her ribs.  You can see the bump in most of her clothes and if you look closely at Cami's neck you can see part of the line just under her skin.  It creeps me out, but she calls it her noodle and likes to wiggle it around under her skin.  The circle in the center of the port is where the nurses poke her needle, the line goes up to her neck and into a central vein.  It is pretty interesting if you ask me...

Cami got to stick the port with a needle.
  These are the same needles they use on her.  This made it much easier for her to understand.  
This is what Cami's port looks like when it is "accessed".  

Happy to be going home after only 3 1/2 hours (we are normally there for at least 5)!

Clinic stats:
Height: 108
Weight: 17.4kg (38.3 lbs.)

ANC: 1900
WBC: 3.6
Hematocrit: 34.8%
Platelets: 286

Cami's ANC is high enough to celebrate Thanksgiving with our LARGE family.  We were half expecting it to be at 0, and if that were the case we would need to keep her at home.  
We are going to enjoy a day full of family and friends and for this I am truly THANKFUL.
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Have a great Thanksgiving! I hope Cami feels well all weekend!

  2. So glad you were able to enjoy Thanksgiving with the fam! We heard the turkeys were great at Arella! Love you!


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