Sunday, November 21, 2010

Clinic 11/18/10

It was a long day at clinic this week, we got there at 10:30AM and didn't leave until 3:30PM.  Cami got vincristine and that darn "red devil" chemo again.  Last week Cami was VERY nauseous after getting the "red devil".  I asked them to give her a different anti-nausia this time and she felt MUCH MUCH better after...YAY!!! 

Cami also finished her 7 days of steroids and boy are we GLAD!  She has had raging fits, she cries over EVERYTHING and is just plain grumpy when on these pills.  We get a week off, then we have to start another 7 day round.  One good thing about the steroids is that she is eating again!  Last week we had a little visit from the nutritionalist up at Primary's.  She was worried about Cami's weight because it had dropped below her diagnosis weight.  She said that if Cami kept dropping at this rate, she would need to be put on a feeding tube.  This is obviously not ideal, so we are VERY happy she is eating again!    

Cami thinks its the coolest thing to push her IV pole around the clinic.  She runs into everyone and everything, but she wont let anyone help her.  Its one of the few things she has control over, so I let her do it. 

We got a chance to go visit our little cancer buddy, Skyler.
  He has been down in the ICU for a couple months and just got moved back up to the oncology unit.  He has come so far and is such a fighter!  If you haven't read his story, you should check it out here.  He is an inspiration!
Skyler gave Cami a bear that is exactly like his.  She loves it and calls it her Skyler bear.
Thanks Skyler and Crystal!!
We love you guys, keep up the fight!  

Cami was OUT the minute I buckled her seatbelt in the car.
  Its like I can see her blood levels dropping.  
They expect her ANC (ability to fight infection) to get to 0 this week.
What a sweet little sleepy-head. 

Clinic stats:
Height: 107.5 
Weight: 17.3kg (38.1 lbs.)

ANC: 5500
WBC: 7.0
Hematocrit: 36.6%
Platelets: 389


  1. It was so good to see you guys. I hope Cami does a little better this week and she doesnt get as nauseous. Please tell you thanks again for picking out those books for Sky,he loved them. Also will you please tell her that I love up to her and admire her so much, she is such a strong girl. Love ya!

  2. Way to go Cami!! You can do this, you are getting so so close to saying that the worst is behind you! Chelsea- she is so dang cute! I love the sleeping photo, it is so sweet.. you just know in that moment her poor little body is just so wiped out. Hang in there... you guys are doing awesome!!
    Love Carson & Jodi

  3. She is so strong and yet looks like a little angel when she's sleeping. What a wonderful little girl!

  4. Hey Chelsea, thank you again for visiting us! It is really a delight. I love Cami and I love reading about her. She is such a ray of sunshine here. After you left, several nurses commented on how they think Cami is so cute!

    And, the nutritionalist really gets hyped up about little things. She visited us for 4 months and was always on our backs about what we were and weren't feeding Erin. Then, she finally put Erin on a calorie count. After that, she told me that she would never bug me again about what Erin ate. She said Erin ate more than her share of daily calories even though she wasn't gainging much weight. Erin has been lower than her diagnosis weight until this last month. So, I'm just saying that she sometimes gets too excited about making kids eat. I'm sure Cami will be just fine.

    You are a great mom and you're doing so many good things to help your daughter!

  5. Hoping this week goes well for you guys. I hope Cami continues to want to eat. Our prayers are always with your family.

  6. I hope this week goes a little easier for you guys!!!! Hopefully Cami returns to her happy self :) Glad to hear she is eating! She needs to, skinny little things! Her legs are so so tiny! Love the updates, keep them coming!

    Love Nat

  7. There is some sort of wierd satisfaction when we can get our sick children to eat....a lot. :) She is just about as beautiful as can be! Quitet the sleeping beauty too! She looks cute pushing around her little IV pole!

  8. I agree with what others have said - Cami is such a strong, sweet, cute little girl. She really is a light to others that get to meet her and see her.

    I'm glad to hear she's eating again. There's one good thing about steroids, I guess. (Well and they kill the cancer, right?) Hope this week goes well for you. Stay strong Cami!


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