Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A few of our favorite things...

We have been so overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and love given to our family. We are SO extremely grateful for the many acts of kindness- from cleaning our house (Marla- thank you!), the dinners, watching Caden (or being his second mom...Jessie and Nat-THANK YOU!!!), running my errands (I even had someone make my kids birthday cakes this year for me (Holly- thank you)), visits, posts, prayers, phone calls, emails, donations and SO MUCH MORE!!! Cami has received so many wonderful cards, letters, packages, hats, headbands, blankets from all over the world. Friends, family and strangers have touched our lives and I wish so badly that I could thank you all individually, but that is impossible. Please know we are SO very thankful and love you all. You will never know how much your support means to us. It has helped us stay positive and encouraged. I wish there were words stronger than thank you, but it will have to do... from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!

I was very hesitant to share Cami's cancer journey publicly, but one of the reasons I decided to do this blog is that I hope one day it can help another family the way Millie's blog (along with others) has helped us. The blog has also been very helpful to keep friends and family updated and to get things off my chest. I feel connected to the outside world when I blog, when we cant leave the house this is HUGE for me. It has really helped me to (try) and stay positive and to express my thoughts and feelings. Thank you for your comments of encouragement and love on our blog.. you have no idea how much it helps me get through each day.
That being said...today I wanted to share some of the products that have been SO very helpful to our family.

A few of our favorite things..

When the Stroller Depot found out about Cami, they offered to give us a great price on this Phil and Ted's classic buggy. Normally we would have never needed a double stroller. Before Cami was diagnosed she would just walk, but now she gets tired so easily and her legs hurt (its a side effect from the chemo). Anyway, I have used this stroller time and time again. It has been truly wonderful to have and it works really well for an older child. Thanks Stroller Depot!

We have a friend who works for MonaVie. He brought over 8 bottles and lots of gel packs for our family. This amazing juice boosts your immune system and helps you from getting sick. Our family needs to be as healthy as possible so we don't get Cami sick. Cami's docs gave her the "OK" to drink this even though it can't boost her immune system, but it is something we KNOW is healthy going into her body.
Thanks Neeley's and MonaVie!!

When we told Cami she would be losing her hair, the first thing she was worried about was looking like a boy. I told her she could wear a dress every day if she wanted so that everyone would know she's a girl. I immediately started searching for the cutest dresses I could find. Cami's friend Millie introduced us to Matilda Jane. I fell in love with their clothes. When I called to order a few dresses I told Ashley (the trunk keeper) about Cami and how she wanted to wear a dress every day. Soon we got the dresses I ordered in the mail and we LOVED them.. Cami wanted to wear the (3) dresses I got her EVERY day. About a week later Cami got a package in the mail it said to open "only on her birthday". When she finally opened it, it was filled with beautiful dresses from Matilda Jane! She was so excited and spent the entire evening doing a fashion show. Now Cami has a dress to wear every day.
**If you want more info on Matilda Jane you can email Ashley at ashleea@matildajaneclothing.com I STILL cant believe she pulled this together for us.. she is AMAZING!

Here's Cami in just a few that they sent us...

When we brought Cami home from the hospital I was terrified! I was so worried about her getting sick and I knew that no matter how much I cleaned, germs would still be in our home. leave it to cute Meagan (Cami's dance teacher) to think of us.. she called her dad right up. He sells air purifiers and not only did he come right over, but he GAVE us a NASA certified purifier (the same kind they used after 9/11 to help with the smoke). This thing is amazing and I am confident it is keeping our house free of germs.
**If you are interested in more info on this awesome purifier you can email Al at allanrichards40@gmail.com

Cami was supposed to start Kindergarten this fall, but the Doctors said it would be best not to send her. Cami was so bummed. She was really looking forward to starting kindergarten, but when her Doctor said she could go back to preschool instead she BEGGED to go back to Miss Michelle. By this time her class was full, but she squeezed Cami in. Miss Michelle has bent over backwards for us. She sent home letters to the parents explaining Cami's condition- asking them to please not send their kids if they are sick. She is so cute and understanding with Cami and Cam just adores her! Miss Michelle has given Cami a little bit of "normal" in her life and I can never thank her enough. I guess I didnt get a picture of them together this year, but here they are on the first day of school last year...
-Thank you Miss Michelle!!
(to all the parents who's kids are in Cami's class: I know you are putting in extra effort to keep her safe and we SO appreciate it --thank you!)

When my sister in law (Natalie) was planning Cuts for Cami she got an email from a photographer offering to take pictures of the day for us. We didnt even know this photographer and she was willing to GIVE of her time. Later I found out what an amazing photographer she is! Not only did she capture the event beautifully, but she has offered to continue to document Cami as she goes through this process. These are just a couple of the shots from Jen Harem Photography. Check her out for your next family shoot- she is seriously AMAZING!
-Thank you Jen, we love you!

My cute friend Tiana lives in New York and when she found out about Cami, she sent her a darling package filled with these super soft, and pretty headbands. Later I found out that her friend in NYC makes these headbands and made them especially for Cam. She has now put the same ones up on her website for sale and is donating some of the profits to Cami. This amazing woman doesnt even know us. We are a friend of a friend to her. I am blown away by her tallent and generosity. Check out Cranberries and Capers, these are some of Cami's favorite headbands because they are so soft, comfy and cute!
Aren't they adorable!?

These are just a FEW of my favorite things...I could go on and on... SO if I have missed something or someone, Im sorry. Please just know that my TOP favorite thing is my family and friends (new and old) who have blessed our lives in so many different ways. We love you all!


  1. oh i love this post! i is great to see what your life has been like over the last 3 months! what a journey of good and bad! what a difference so many people have been willing to do for little cami and your family! you are so so so loved! you know you all mean the world to me! :)

    Love Nat

  2. Your family is a wonderful example, of seeing all of the good things when it is easy to focus on the bad. Cami is so loved! Your family is so loved! Thank YOU for documenting and sharing Cami's journey with us. She has touched so many lives for the better!

  3. love everything about this post....you are amazing chels!! love you guys

  4. What can I say....You are just plain amazing blogger chel! I see and talk to you everyday but still you have your own sister stocking your blog. I love reading and seeing new posts. I look at kisses for cami everyday maybe more then once. This one was GREAT! I love you sis. so much you and your little family amazes me everyday!

  5. Thanks yet again Chel for your example of gratitude and optimism. You have reminded us all of how much good there is out there!
    I sure love you guys!

    Jess Beck

  6. What a wonderful, most beautiful post Chelsea! It helps so much to have support and to be appreciative of it. The gifts and service your family has received have been a great blessing!

    *We love our Phil & Teds Stroller too. We got it a few years ago at Costco. I am so glad that you have something to wheel your little cutie around in!

  7. Its amazing how many people come together when something like this happens to a family. I work in the ED at Primary Children's and we see the cancer kiddos often. They all have a soft spot in my heart and I admire them and their families. I found this blog through another blog and it is inspiring to see such a sweet little girl like Cami, she is so cute and definitely is loved alot. I hope she will get well quickly!

  8. That is so awesome you guys have such an amazing support system and so many willing to help your cute little family!! We love you guys keep up the good work CAMI!!

  9. It is oone of the great blessings of something so awful. When Millie was released from the hospital we weren't expecting it. When I got the call from Brady that she was being released that night, I believe it was Dec 22. I thought how in the world will we ever accomplish all we need to to let her come home to a safe house. My mom put in a call to the relief society president, she said she would put out some calls. We left to get the Srgt Steamer from our Aunt and headed out to Amandas. We weren't there for too long on our own before woman started pouring in. We wee able to days before christmas clean their home from top to bottom,even the bottoms of every pair of shoes in the entire house was bleached. One man and his son came figured out their furnance and went to home depot to purchase the best filters they had and replaced all the filters in the house. It for me was one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed and felt. 22 woman and 2 men came just before christmas to clean another persons home some of which didn't even know the Flamms yet, all they knew was that they were part of their "ward" family so they came. From getting the phone call that Millie might be released, to she is being released, to her being home was about 6 hrs. Blessings and miracles do come from the worst times in life.

  10. what wonderful gifts! its truly amazing to see how people pull together and all the good that there really is in the world - that is one of the hidden blessings in a cancer diagnosis. i'm glad you have so many good people taking care of you!

  11. People never fail to amaze me. I am so glad you posted some of your "favorites!" Kinda makes you realize how important a little dress & homemade headband are. :)

  12. You are too, too kind. What an amazing opportunity and gift it has been for me to have Cami in my class both years! We are so lucky to have HER!!


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