Thursday, September 30, 2010

Life's a circus!

WOW a lot has happened since my last post. We have been keeping busy while Cam's levels are up. Ringling Brothers came to town and they did an elephant parade on opening day.
The kids LOVED it!

waiting for the parade to start..

The Elephants really held on to each others tails!
For some reason I thought they only did this in the movies.
It was the cutest thing!

THEN later that night we got to go with Hope Kids to the circus.
They gave all the kids special passes to go down before it started. They got to try on costumes, meet the performers and watch them practice.

My kids thought they WERE the performers.

These girls are all the EXACT same age. They all have leukemia. They are so cute together. Cami calls them her "baldie friends".
Millie. Cami. Alivia.

They are all so brave! It almost brings tears to my eyes seeing them together and knowing what they have all been through. This was the first time Cami and Alivia had met (in person) and here they are holding hands. There is a bond that runs deep when you share the same battle.

I had to get one of Caden in there.
He was a little crazy that night. Oh who am I kidding..he's crazy EVERY night!
Check out his snow cone stash..

Then we went to a very special event put on in honor of Cami.
Some very amazing and gifted dancers (whom we don't even know) put on a show for Cami. They fittingly named it...
"A Circus for Cami".

Jessie, Grandma Di-Di and me watching the show.

The kids favorite "butterfly dancer" of the evening.

Cam and her buds feelin' sassy...

The kids got belly dancing lessons-

They asked Cami to do a solo.
She danced to "She's a Butterfly" it was VERY emotional and sweet.
She did a beautiful job. I am so proud of her!

Thank you to these dancers for providing a night of fun!
It was a great night and Cami felt so special. Thank you to all the beautiful dancers who gave their time and efforts to make this a huge success and all for complete strangers. It was touching to say the least.


  1. WOW! What an amazing thing to have happen to you and Cami. I wish I could have seen her solo.

  2. Chel.. Our family had a blast with u guys!! It was diffently a memorable event!! We love u guys!!

  3. Wild! You never know who is going to show up to help. Bless their hearts! How wonderful!

  4. What a great time it looks like she was having! She deserves it! I love what you said: The bond runs deep when you are fighting the same battle. I can't imagine how beautiful she must have looked while dancing her solo! Actually I can because all of her pictures are adorable and beautiful all wrapped into one! You are a such a great mom!

  5. She did such an amazing job. I am so proud of her. She has so much courage, at her age there was no way I would have been able to get up and done a solo at the age of 5. I barely was able to do one at the age of 13! It was a great night.
    Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it.

    Love you guys
    Love Meagan

  6. The pictures of the 3 girls were beautiful! I love the one with Cami and Alivia holding hands. It has got to be really great for the girls to have a friend that really really understands. I hope Cami has been enjoying the nice weather with her friends!

  7. beautiful pictures....i cant get over how happy she always is in every pic! she inspires me!!! love you


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