Thursday, September 9, 2010

Clinic 9/9/10

Today was another clinic day, Cami was excited because she didn't have to see the "sleepy Doctors" plus Grandma Di-Di got to come. Cami also started the next phase of treatment today, called Standard Interim Maintenance. She will be going to clinic every 10 days to get a Methotrexate infusion and Vincristine push. For the next 57 days they will up her dose of Methotrexate each visit as long as her counts stay high enough. We also found out that if everything goes as planned, Cami's final day of treatment will be exactly 2 years from today 9/9/12. YAY!!

Common side effect for Vincristine: Constipation; hair loss; nausea; vomiting. Loss of deep–tendon reflexes, or "foot drop".
Common side effects for Methotrexate: Acne; chills and fever; dizziness; flushing; general body discomfort; hair loss; headache; itching; loss of appetite; lowered resistance to infection; nausea; sensitivity to sunlight; sore throat; speech impairment; stomach pain; swelling of the breast; unusual tiredness; vomiting.

Clinic stats:
Height: 106.8
Weight: 18.6kg (40.9 lbs.)
ANC: 1600 High enough to start school next week.. YAY!!

We love Dr. Verma-

I got my mini lesson on this phase-

getting her port accessed, or "poke" as Cami calls it.
This is the hardest part.

a hug from Froggy always makes her feel better

A clinic gift doesn't hurt either (thanks Cali buds)

Doing a craft while she gets her Methotrexate infusion

Cami was SO excited to have Grandma Di-Di come to clinic today, she just had to show her all the cool things around the hospital...


The magic fish tank elevators-

the wishing waterfall (she's kissing her coin before tossing it in)-

and her FAVORITE the rainbow pony-


  1. so sweet...ok im dying over her dress. where o where did you get it? it sorta looks like downeast?

  2. isn't that the best news to hear that maintenance isn't two years from the start of maintenance, but two years from the start of interim maintenance?! i'm kind of glad that we didn't hear that at the beginning - it's a nice middle of the road surprise. :)

    did they move the spiderman statue? it looks like it's in a different place in that picture.

  3. Yay you guys! Good news! Glad to see a smile on her face and I am so glad Cami gets to go to school and maybe dance?!? Love you!

  4. I was wondering about her dress too! Seriously I love the way you dress her! Where do you get most of her stuff?

  5. I still get a big lump in my throat and stomach when I see the sign - ONCOLOGY - I HATE that Cami has to go there BUT the PCMC Oncology unit actually has a vibe of hope, healing and loving care! I am so impressed with the truly amazing, proficient, compassionate staff! Two different Dr's took time to explain in detail the next treatment phase, the nurses and life specialists were wonderful! Chel....proud to be your Mom! Cami....proud to be your G'ma! You are BOTH very courageous, valiant and brave! (Pat too!) LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

  6. Cami's dress is from Matilda Jane. You can check out their clothing at, but you need a trunk keeper to order. Call the most AMAZING trunk keeper: Ashlee Alex at (801)592-4567 or you can email her at

    They have the cutest stuff! --Thanks to Millie for introducing us to this awesome brand. We are hooked for LIFE!

  7. She is such a cute, sweet little thing! You guys continue to amaze me. I hope she has a lot of fun at school!

  8. Who doesn't love the Spider Man at PCMC. The best part is his bandage! We love Matilda Jane; so cute! Cami is a trooper! We were up at PCMC on the 9th too! Wish we would have ran into you! Cami is as beautiful as ever!

  9. My husband works with Tony Carver and that's how I heard about Cami. My name is Cami too so naturally I was curious about her story. I make hand cut wooden jigsaw puzzles and would love to make one for Cami. Kids love putting together a puzzle of themselves! I need a higher resolution picture than I can get off your blog so if you could email me one along with your address that would be great! Cami has captured my heart!

  10. Mia just said to me.. " Mom, Cami is soo gorgeous and I love her"..

  11. She is looking so good! I have often wondered how it must be having to access her port. We didn't have a choice to have a port, but it has it's obvious benefits, but I hope it doesn't hurt when she has to have it accessed. I love the pictures of her in her favorite places. She is so sweet! It is so exciting that she'll be starting school. We are thinking about you guys and I hope we can connect sometime soon.

    P.S. I love how Dr. Verma writes everything down on the whiteboards. We just love her soo much. On our first stay she would always come visit us first thing because she said that our Erin reminded her so much of her own little two year old daughter. She is a sweet doctor.

  12. We finally have the internet. I have been thinking about you guys wondering how you have been doing. 2 more years and counting- praying that all goes well! love you guys


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