Monday, September 20, 2010

Clinic 9/20/10

Cami had a smooth clinic visit today. Her ANC was high enough to up her dose of Methotrexate, so we are expecting a few hard days. Last time she had major headaches, nausea, and leg pains. Not fun, but last week they seemed less painful after a few days.

Clinic stats:
Height: 106.8
Weight: 18.4kg (40.5 lbs.)
ANC: 2500

Here is a shot of Cam's PORT hooked up to her chemo. The white oval has a needle on the other end, that is what they push into her skin to "access her port". It is scary to watch, but she has gotten really good at this part!
She is so brave.

Here she is getting her Vincristine push.
She heard the nurse talking about her push (meaning they push it through manually), she said "Vin who's gonna push me?"

We stopped by to visit Grandma Di-Di as a special treat after clinic.
She works at the Capitol, Cami thinks its a castle.
She thought it was simply the coolest!

She loved this staircase because it is just like the one Belle and Beast walk down.


  1. Love the pictures of my brave Cami girl! And what's that I see on that whiteboard...LETTERS!!!.. You are Smart and Brave!

    P.S. You look just like Belle on that staircase except you have a really coo hat on...Belle should totally get one like yours! :)

  2. That is so amazing to see! Thanks for the pics! I have always wondered what you do there at the hospital! :) Glad it was a GOOD day! You needed one! Cami you look adorable! Love you!
    Love Nat

  3. Aww i love beauty and the beast too!!!! She is so sweet!!!

  4. Cami;
    You don't know who I am but I wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration! I came upon your blog while I was looking at my friend who has cancers blog and immediately fell in love with your sweet smile. I read your entire blog in one sitting and found myself sobbing uncontrollably. You are absolutely amazing! You have such a wonderful family as well. Thank you for posting such a wonderful story, it has genuinely changed my life!

  5. Great to see her looking so good! Hang in there guys!

  6. Ahhh. . . what a little trooper! I hope she had fun on her visit to see Grandma Di! She is a princess and an angel all at the same time! :) Does Lil' Miss Thing know what she's gonna be for Halloween? I think BELLLE woujld be a GREAT idea! Trick-or-treating at Grandmas's work would be even better!

    What a love.

  7. Jack thought it was really cool to see Cami yesterday and hang out in the garden with her for a few minutes. It was nice to talk to you and I am so impressed by your amazing attitude. We look forward to seeing Cami at Preschool!


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