Sunday, September 12, 2010


September is Childhood awareness month...

Gold is the color of Childhood Cancer. Wear it proudly.
I am still learning all I can about childhood cancer, please do the same.
We learned the hard way that this can happen to ANY child at ANY time, lets do all we can to help find the cause and cure!

You can visit these sites for info and to donate-

*if you work for a corporation, tell them about Cami and encourage them to donate to one of these charities this year.

--I also want to mention that Chili's is supporting St. Jude all month long and on September 27th they are donating ALL profits to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. If you can do nothing more, please go eat at Chili's on September 27th.

A few other foundations I want to talk about are:


These are two organizations that have touched us SO deeply, they have helped give us back the light in our Cami's eyes. They aren't looking to cure cancer, they are looking to cure the heartache that comes along with the diagnosis.
We really couldn't make it through all this without them!

We did a 5K walk with Hope Kids yesterday. It was a blast and I think they raised about $40,000! Thank you to all of you who helped Cami raise money for this amazing group! We LOVE Hope Kids!

We went on train rides-

There was dancing-

Caden got to meet Darth-

Cami was attacked by this bee,
he just loved her (and who wouldn't?)

Grandma Di-Di snuggled up to her Raccoon buddy

and best of all Cami was in heaven with all the princesses!
WOW this Cinderella made her week!


  1. What an AMAZING organiation! They make so many things possible for you and so other families like you! So happy to see you all having a good time!
    Love, Nat

  2. Hey,
    My name is Meghan and I am not sure how I came across your blog, but it really inspires me. I am 16 and I live in Utah and my dream job is to be a Pediatric Oncologist. So, reading Cami's blog has helped me learn already. I was wondering if you could maybe share some other blogs of childhood cancer patients that you know as well. So I could keep learning.
    my email is mypurplecircle[at]gmail[dot]com
    thanks so much.

  3. Yes we love organizations like this one. Our good friends actually started one themselves, they lived here in Foxboro but moved to Missouri and thats when they started it. It is called Give One Million, his goal is to raise one million for St. Jude in one year, its an awesome website also you should check it out.

  4. I've watched that YouTube video hundreds of times since Kaidan was diagnosed and it gets me EVERY time. I hope you are doing well.

  5. I can't wait to get more involved. Btw, we have the same Phil & Ted's stroller in red! Great minds think alike!

  6. that bottom pic of cami hugging sweet!!! and i love the pic of her and pat dancing! you guys are the best parents!!! love you

  7. What a beautiful many ways! It was so great and heart-warming to see Cami play, smile and have so much fun. The wonderful HOPE KIDS events make this difficult time in Cam (and FAM) lives memorable, happy and hopeful! Thanks for letting old Grandma Di-Di tag along!

  8. great post! raising awareness is so huge, i think. i read today that childhood cancer research is one of the most underfunded types of research out there. crazy! i'm so thankful for all those who have gone before and done so much to make advances in the field, so our little ones can get better. i want to make sure the good work continues!

  9. She's sooooo cute! I bet she LOVED that Cinderella! We love you guys so much!


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