Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lets PaRTaY!!!

Cami had 3 parties this year! We thought we'd spread it out, because Cam gets tired so easily. It was a crazy weekend and we are still recovering. Her first party was with her little friends. She wanted to have a pajama party, so we let her have a few girls over in the morning for pancakes in PJ's...

Cami was so excited to see the house all decorated.

she opened gifts

we played pin the slippers on the sleepy-head
(Cami wanted me to make her bald, but with a hat on)

Cami and sweet Elle Lee-

Cami LOVES Brody-

and last but not least, cutie-pie Ryann


blowin' out her candles-

Have you ever seen cuter little 5 year olds in your life?
We just love these girls!

The next night, Pats family came down for cake and ice cream.

Cami got her special blanket from Grandma Lenna.
Grandma had them specially made and this year each cousin got one on their birthday.

She absolutely adores these cousins!

The next night my family came down for cake and ice cream. Jessie's friend surprised Cami by making her this amazing Barbie cake. Look how excited she is!

After already having 2 parties, Cam was pretty exhausted at this point , so cute kellen let her lay on the couch and carried each gift to her and watched her open them.
He was so sweet and tender with her, he is very concerned for his cousin.
We love you Kellen!

Grandpa Dave surprised Cami with a new bike! She was so excited! She had to get out there and ride it even though she was SUPER tired.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMI! What a fun birthday you had...3 parties! Crazy! Yea for celebrations!

  2. Happy Birthday to that sweet girl! Love the NEW Bike! Cant wait to see her ride it! Dave, can I have one for Christmas please! I LOVE IT!
    Love Nat

  3. What a fun post! Wow, that girl is the apple of everyone's eye! What blessings are pouring in amidst the trials! We love you and are praying for you all!

  4. What a fun filled B-Day weekend for an amazing, beautiful girl! OH how I love her!

  5. CANT BELIEVE SHE IS 5 YEARS OLD....SO SO SO WEIRD! I remember the day she was born...PERFECTLY! She is amazing chel and we all love her so dang much!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMI!!!!

  6. Love this Blog Chels! What a truly amazing and inspiring little girl she is. She will touch more lives than you or her will ever know through this! Our thoughts and prayers are always with you! xoxo


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