Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kissing our hair goodbye...

We are still SO overwhelmed by the continued support we are receiving. I can't even begin to post all the many acts of service we have received during this past difficult month. Wow, it's actually been a month today. All I know is that we never would have survived without the love and help we've received from all our wonderful family and friends. Thank you! We love you!
Our amazing friend, Justin came up with a great idea to do a big hair cutting party for Cam and make it a little fund raiser for her. Natalie, once again, being Natalie took that idea and (with the help of many others) has made it into a reality! We are so grateful, excited and touched by all that has gone into this event. It is really hard to ask for help, but like I said... we couldn't do this without support.
Here is the flyer-

Need a trim/cut/buzz/chop?
Come join us for a fund-raising, hair-cutting, music-filled, good time at…
Cuts for Cami
Location: Dancin' it up
445 North 700 West #109 North Salt Lake
(just off of redwood behind subway, look for the red balloons)
Saturday, August 14th 2010
1-6 PM
This event is given to support four-year-old Cami, who was recently diagnosed with Acute B Cell Lymphocydic Leukemia. She's kissing her hair goodbye for a while, so we're joining her (and having some fun while we're at it). Some of Utah's best stylists are coming together and donating their time for this great cause. Whether you’re coming to chop off some hair with us, grab a cookie at Cami's bake sale (sponsored by Paradise Bakery), or just dance and chat.
It’s sure to be a fun-filled day for all!

We are so grateful to our awesome friends and family for putting this all together. Thank you in advance to any of you who take the time out of your busy lives to come out and support our Cami. Her hair is really falling out now, and she is getting very annoyed with it and keeps asking us to just shave it off. I think we talked her into waiting until Saturday, so it is going to be extra special for her to see all the people who love and support her on that hard day.
Also thank you to all the AMAZING hairstylists who are donating their time on Saturday. It means more than you'll ever know! Check out some of the talent we have scored...
Natalie Nelson from Serenity Salon
Cassie Neeley from Salon Valentina
3 different girls from Cookie Cutters
Molly Young from Forever Young Salon
Lori Judd (she is fabulous, but only does friends and family)
..and more, but I don't have their info.

Much love to you all, hope to see you there!


  1. Hi Chelsea I have only met you a couple times, but Alika has always been friends with Pat, anyway what a great event! I emailed all the details to everyone in my address book! :)

  2. Just wanted to let you know I got wind of this wonderful fundraiser & posted it on my site. Your daughter is beautiful and as a mom of 3 little girls myself, (one is almost 4 y.o.) your site really touched my heart. Your family & darling Cami are in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. Thanks for spreading the word guys! It means SO much!

  4. After reading this on Babes in Hairland blog I also made the announcement at Girly Do's and we will be seeing you there. One of my best friends little girls is going through the same thing and lost all her hair a year ago because of a cancerous tumor in her kidney and she is beautiful as ever! Cami, you are in our prayers!

  5. I will post it on my facebook to spread the word, hope everything will go well, you are in our prayers as well.

  6. We are all so excited for this event on Saturday. We hope to see many old friends and many new ones. Thanks everyone for your support, prayers, and love. Grandma Lenna

  7. Hi, I know you don't know me. But I just want to say how strong you are. I also came across another blog of a family in salt lake area that's two year old just was diagnosed with all this week. I just wanted to pass it on to you! My prayers are with your family! Www. Chasersfund.com if you go to all things thrifty.com she has a post on the family and has a link to their blog.

  8. Funnily enough I have a hair appointment already on Saturday that includes more than just a cut but I'm coming out right after that to see the festivities and buy some of those yummy cookies! See you then!

  9. Dear Chelsea,

    I just wanted to say I've been thinking and praying for you, your family, and your daughter, Cami. I am a bit a cry baby about stuff like this but I'm rooting for you and Cami. Stay strong old friend.

    Best Regards,

    Parky Poo (Aka Parker Donat)

  10. Hey Chels!! I am dying that I am missing out on all these events being so far away. PLEASE let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do... I miss you and hope to see you guys soon! love you!

  11. Hi! We're so excited to help out at Cuts For Cami! I'm going to get my hair cut when we come! Let us know if you need anything. We love you guys!


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