Thursday, August 19, 2010

CrAzY week!!!!

Everywhere I turn I see little bald heads lately. I couldn't love it more!
There is something so simple, raw, and innocent about bald heads. It is so sweet seeing Pat with the kids, I cant help but snap a few pictures.

We had so many people come to get their hair chopped at the cuts for Cami, that I didn't get a chance to cut my hair. I was fine with it, but Cam was bummed, so cute Natalie surprised me by making me an appointment to get it cut. My sister took Caden and Nat came to watch Cami. It was the first time I have left Cam with anyone other than my Mom or Pat. Boy was I nervous about it, but Cam had a blast and even went out to jump on the tramp for the first time in a month! Thanks Jess and Nat!

I love my new cut, now I just need styling lessons :)
--Thank you Lindsey for squeezing me in.. you are fabulous! XOXOXO

Cami's levels were WAY up this week and she is feeling much better now that those steroids are wearing off, so we decided to cram as much into the week as she was up to....

Cami was referred to Make a Wish!
They invited us to have a special wishing ceremony for her.

This was the sign when we walked in...

They made it really special for her.

They sent her a key in the mail about 3 weeks ago,
and she has been dreaming up wishes ever since.
She finally got to use the key to unlock the wizards tower.

Once inside the wizards tower, you submit your top three wishes into the wishing cone. This room was amazing. It had a water "wishing well", music, and interactive lights.
Before we even got to the wishing place, Cami had come up with 3 wishes.
1. "to ride on the magic carpet with Jasmine and Aladin".
2. "to be on a parade float". (They said this had never been wished for in Utah before.)
3. "to have a tea party with the princess's"

BUT when we got there, they sat us down and asked Cam specific questions to try and get her "prime" wish out of her.
In order to do this they ask all the "wish kids" the same 4 questions-

1. If you could be anything what would you be? -"a ballerina"
2. If you could have anything what would you have? -"a big box of jewelry"
3. If you could meet anyone who would you meet? -"Mickey Mouse and Pluto"
4. If you could go anywhere, where would you go? -"Disneyland"

I have no idea where these answers came from! Dont even ask about the jewelry I am baffled by that one, and as for Mickey and Pluto... she NEVER talks about them! I didnt even know she liked them that much. This girl has a mind of her own, I think she jumped the gun a little though because before leaving she made sure her wish granters knew about the 3 wishes she had been dreaming of all month. -They said they'd "see" what they could do ;)

We all got special tokens to make a wish in the fountain.

They treated Cam like royalty, she got gifts, balloons, ice cream, and cake.

Cami with her wish granters.
Volunteers who work on getting her specific wish granted.
What amazing people!

I am blown away by this wonderful organization. Cami has been SO excited for weeks and just holding on to that key has brought her comfort at times. Having something to look forward to is HUGE for these kids. Its hard when most days all you can see in your future is pain, medicine, Doctors, and laying in bed (with no germ ridden kids around)! Somehow this organization has found a way to give these kids hope, and a BRIGHT future. It was a very emotional night for me, because I know Cami, along with these other kids deserve something extra special and that is exactly what she's going to get! Make a wish is THE BEST!!!

Wednesday was Pats work Lagoon day. I was a nervous wreck, letting Cami go to such a germ infested place, but the Doctors assured me her levels were WAY high enough (2200) and that it is important for her to do fun (normal-kid) things while her levels are high. (They expect them to drop significantly next week and stay that way for about a month.) So we wanted to get her out while she still can!

The kids had a blast, and once I got over my germ phobia
(and all the stares, points and comments Cam was getting) I had a blast too.
It was nice to do something totally un-illness related.
love these two little baldies...

Caden cried after EVERY ride. He didnt want to get off.
It was both annoying and so very cute :)

Cam got her head painted..

I had to include Cami's picutre of our family riding the train- she had SO much fun!

Cam gets tired very easily, but this works out nicely for Pat...

Its been a good week. I feel refreshed after having a few hours to myself and getting a new look. It was GREAT for all of us to have a few normal days being out on the town. I hope next week will be a good one, but if not.. I am READY!


  1. Chelsea your haircut is seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen! I love love love it!! Make a Wish sounds so amazing, I am so happy Cami gets to do that! Hope all is well! xoxo.

  2. Wow I loved looking at all those pictures! They are beautiful and so fun to look at! I love seeing Cami's cute smile again! :) It is so nice to see her be "Cami" again!
    I know you needed YOU time! Every Mom needs it, but you REALLY needed it! You should try to do that once a week girlie! I know you put everyone else before yourself, but for you to be and stay strong you have to take care of you!!!!!! Its not selfish to do that, its important for Cami, for Caden, for Pat and for You!!!! I love you so much! And that hair cut is simply fantastic! It makes me jealous!
    I am so happy Cami is off those steroids but so sad to see those cheeks going away!
    Love Nat

  3. Cami couldn't look any cuter with her little bald head. What a trooper! She really seems like the toughest little girl! I wish she was friends with my little girls...they have a thing or two to learn about being tough. And your haircut is adorable. I felt bad I couldn't make it to "Cuts for Cami", but I DID get my hair cut last week by my sister-in-law and told her it was in honor of your little girl :) Thanks for the updates. I hope Cami gets the most magical wish she could ever dream of.

  4. Your new "do" looks great! Cami is beautiful! I am so happy that you had a good week! Make a Wish sounds amazing; what a great thing they are doing for these little ones who deserve the world! I never came to appreciate volunteers until I too was the recipient of their time. I loved loved loved having volunteers interact with us when my daughter was spending a lot of time at PCMC. ps. I am sorry you get the "stares". We get them too with my daughter, and a a mom, that is both annoying and difficult for me because in my head I think "Just ask me".
    Thanks for your positive example! Cami is blessed to have you as her mom!

  5. chels your hair looks amazing!!! i love it...and as for that week you have had, so fun! make a wish is amazing, and i hope your wishes come true! she is so cute with that bald little head, i love it! so glad you guys got to do so many fun things this week. you are all always in my you.

  6. your little bald heads are so cute! elena's hair has started (temporarily) growing back and i am excited (even though it won't last) but there is also a small part of me that is a little sad because there is something about bald heads that is so courageous - it's like a badge of honor for all that they're fighting.

    i am so happy you guys were able to get out!! it's so lifesaving isn't it?! weeks of high counts are seriously amazing! make-a-wish sounds and looks amazing. the volunteers that work there are angels.

  7. That sounds like an amazing week:) I love all the smiles on all of your faces:) you guys deserve the best:) So happy you could get out this week and enjoy yourselves. Cami looks adorable and so happy. That little girl brings a smile to my face every time i see her. :)
    Love your hair it is soo cute

  8. Chel I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I am so happy for cami to have all her wishes come true. That little girly is such a joy, and you make her feel so loved. Miss you already!

  9. Can I tell you how strange it is to see my life through your pictures. It's overwhelming at times. We LOVE Make A Wish and I am so glad that Cami will get to experience it. Millie started her steroids Thursday and I am already DONE with them. I hate what they do to my baby and I am so glad you guys are finished with that horrible month. There is nothing better then watching their personality come back.

  10. My sweet cousin Kylie had her wish granted by the Make a Wish foundation. They are a wonderful foundation! I am so happy she was able to go place her wishes. She looks darling bald:) nothing more beautiful

  11. I love your new do - it's the same old cute haircut that I remember you having.
    I have been a fan of this blog since you started it - and am definitely a Cami fan. You guys are in our prayers everyday. I'm glad that you got to get out this week and I can't wait to find out which wish she gets granted. Keep hanging in there. Your faith is an example to everybody.

  12. Thank you for giving me perspective. The lord is your guide, your light, your strength, your answer. Thank you for shaing your journey with others...Children are my hero's in this world, and your daughter is added to my list. Thank you again. I think I will just hold my kids today, whisper in their ears why I love them, enjoy the gifts they give me (looking beyond the autism and seeing them), and hold my new little baby girl close to heart so that she can feel it beating.

    The lord answers prayers in His way...we have the blessing of this earth life to gain understanding of what his way is for us. Thank you again.
    April Giauque (Juke)

  13. Love reading every post! Your hair is cute but I have to say I like Cami's better! So good to hear you got to make a wish and get to Lagoon!

  14. What a GREAT UPDATE!!! :) So happy to see little lady having so much FUN! Your hair is adorable! I wish I was as brave as you! It's SUPER CUTE! And I LOVE the "head tat" on cami! ! ;) The make-a-wish experience sounds amazing! I love asking kids that age random questions just to see how FUNNY their answers are! And I do like the box of jewlwery wish too! LOVE IT!

    As always- hugs and kisses for Cami!

  15. Taylor and Madison ReynoldsAugust 28, 2010 at 5:42 PM

    OK, first off, Chels, your hair is so cute! We thought that Cam getting her head painted was adorable. (Our mom was like, "I wanna see, I wanna see!") We think its sooo cute that Cami threw Froggy a birthday party! She did such a good job! We love you guys and will see you soon! <3

  16. What fun to see this! Love your amazing "can do" attitude. We should all get to this point without the trials more often!
    Love you!


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