Thursday, August 26, 2010

Clinic 8/26/10

We had clinic again today. Cam is a pro now days and everything went smoothly. We are really excited because next week we get a break. No more clinic for 2 weeks! Cami is overjoyed!!

She got to open one of her "clinic gifts" and it was this cute hat. She LOVED it.

She made everyone call her Miss Strawberry Head.

This is how they put her to sleep.

The nurse is basically waiting to catch her when she falls asleep.

Waking up Happy-

She was so happy when we got home to a doorstep full of packages for her birthday!

Thanks to everyone who sent her something.

I am making her wait until her birthday to open them, but it sure made a crappy day end on a good note... she can hardly wait to open all these...

Clinic stats:
Height: 106.4
Weight: 18kg (39.6 lbs.)
ANC: 700 (she is dropping as expected, but we are still above 500- yay!)


  1. Berkleigh has a strawberry hat too. They are so cute!

    She is one loved little girl!

    Glad you get a break!

  2. she looks really good! you can see those cute dimples coming back! another friend of mine's little boy was just diagnosed and she started a blog also, you should check it out.

  3. Everytime I see her cute smile it makes me smile! I just love you little Cami!!!! Glad yesterday wasnt too bad for you guys! :)

  4. I see our box on top of that pile! So exciting for her! SO glad you guys get a break for a bit too!!

  5. Chels and Pat- She is so dang cute and her hat is the cutest thing EVER! You guys are awesome!!

  6. she is so precious! and so brave. that hat is to-die-for cute. tell miss strawberry head, red is her color!

  7. I have embraced your every word on your blogs. I have sat here for hours and read from day one up to todays date.I have cried with you,been mad right along with you,prayed for Cami as well as for "everyone" who comes into contact with Cami ~*~*~*~ I first saw your story on facebooks Matilda Jane Clothing {MJC} .I responded by telling you I how wonderful Denise {owner} and Kayla ,who is actually my neighbor and friend as well as saying how cute Sammi is ! My daily prayers will be lifted up for Cami as well as the family .Stay strong and keep useing your imagination when needed {wig and glasses day was sweet}.Sending {{{ hugs }}} to Cami and Froggy too ! Luv , Roxanne {nana4gkids}

  8. Happy Birthday Cami! All us girls here at Matilda Jane are thinking of you!

  9. Happy Birthday Cami! Glad you liked your lunch box and zu zu pet. My son Antonio said that he is drawing hearts and rainbows for you. He said that every time he draws one it is supposed to make you feel better (if only it were that easy!). We are thinking of you and your mommy daddy and family!

    Deanna, Tom and Antonio


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