Sunday, August 22, 2010

Clinic 8/19/05

We had yet another clinic visit on Thursday. Everything went pretty well. Cami's blood levels are dropping (as expected). This is good because it means the chemo is doing its job, but it is bad because it means we have to be super careful with her again. NO Lagoon this week!

Clinic stats:
Height: 106.4
Weight: 18.2 kg (40 lbs.)
ANC: 1.0 (Low, but not too low. They say it will drop significantly this week, so we are going to be cautious.)

Some of our friends from Cali sent 2 HUGE boxes full of little gifts for Cami. She thought she had died and gone to heaven! I let her choose 1 gift each time we have to go to clinic. It has really helped. She SO looks forward to opening them. She has studied each gift and has "guessed" what is in each package. It is BY FAR the highlight of her clinic-days.

Thanks Cali friends... we love you!


  1. GOSH I LOVE YOUR LITTLE GIRL SO DANG MUCH! Im sad her levels are low and we can't see you that much but Im SO HAPPY that the chemo is doing what it's meant to do...and it's WORKING! LOVE YOU GUYS MORE THEN YOU WILL EVER KNOW! oh and what GREAT FRIENDS FROM CALI...YOU GUYS HAVE! How fun is that for Cami to open a present on the bad not fun days. xoxo

  2. What a great idea to save gifts for hard days.

    I was thinking how cool it would be for you to print photos of the things she gets to do on good weeks so she can flip through the pictures in a little book or something and remember she will get better and do those things again soon!

  3. I have been meaning to comment on your blog since you did on mine. With our little ones only being diagnosed 12 days apart it is nice to read that someone is going through the same trials. We just finished the steroids 3 days ago and I can already see what you mean by "it gets better". Your little girl is such a doll. And she is so tough. It is hard with Chase because he is so young I don't get much feed back except crying. Hopefully off steroids that will go away. I dread clinic because I know he will just cry the whole time. Our clinic day is Friday for now and at least for a while after the baby comes. Hopefully we will run into you some time. Good luck and give your cute little one a big squeeze. The chunky steroid look for sure changes them a lot, but it just makes me want to squeeze him everytime I see him! We'll be keeping in touch!

  4. i'm so happy she likes the package! karen is amazing huh.

  5. We just missed you, our clinic was Thursday. I'm so glad Cami has "a clinic prize", as we call them. It really helped Millie to know there was somethign fun waiting for her when we had to go so much.

    Here's to hoping her counts don't drop too much.

  6. Everytime I catch up on your blog, I's so sad, but at the same time the overwhelming feeling is how amazing your sweet little family is! Ever since the MTC, when I met Pat - I have felt that way about him, he is so sweet and positive and loving - but to have a wife and children that are just the same - it's very inspiring! I think this cancer is a way for you all to share your strength and inspire people as well! Thank you, and you guys are always in my prayers! Love you Carver!~

  7. How blessed you are! We love you all!

  8. Chelsea...Cami is so darling. Glad the presents are working out well for clinic. :-) You guys are in our thoughts and prayers.


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