Friday, August 6, 2010

Clinic 8/5/2010

Yesterday we had another clinic visit. It was a slow day, so we were in and out (so nice compared to last week). Cami was looked at by her Doctors and they explained the next phase. The next phase is called Standard Consolidation, it will last 4 weeks. In this next phase Cami will be getting Vincristine (the chemo that they give in her PORT at clinic), Mercaptopurine (this is a form of chemo she will take orally at home each day) and Intrathecal Methotrexate (another chemo given each week in her spinal tap). She will also be taking the antibiotics, pain meds, anti-nausea, and and antacid. We are SO excited to say Buh-bye to those HORRID steroids. We cant wait to start this new phase and get our Cami back!

I know these stats are way boring (for most of you), but I want to keep track each week so you can just skip this part...

Clinic stats:
Height: 106.50
Weight: 21.7 KG (47.7lbs)

WBC: 2.8
HGB: 11.8
PLTS: 158
ANC: 2.0

You can really tell how tired she is here.
No smiles after a day filled with doctors, pokes and anesthesia.
Plus, her cheeks are getting so puffy form those steroids she can hardly smile anyway.
Poor girl.



  1. That picture is so hard to look at. She looks so sad and different. Poor Cami!

  2. I found your blog through your cousins, prayers are in motion from Pa. Hope she is back to her sweet self soon!

  3. Sorry to always comment but I can't help myself...
    Our sweet, loving, kind, darling Cami girl has morphed into Medusa on those stupid steroids!!!! She get's this look.....this perfect glare..........the look that tells you immediately that any comment, no matter how innocent or loving, will bring on hurt feelings, a tirade, tantrum or cry. I can't stand those steroids that have inhabited and taken over Cami's body and emotions. She is miserable with all the side effects! I know she has needed them but I'm with Chel - good riddens! I DO have to say that even on steroids...Cami is STILL bright & beautiful!!! NOTHING can take that away...EVER!

  4. You don't know me (I am Tiana's sister in laws sister) but I want you to know that your sweet little girl will be in our prayers. Bless her heart and yours. I hope you feel the strength from strangers who love you and are cheering you all on! YOU GO CAMI!! TAKE THAT SUCKER DOWN.

  5. Lots of prayers! If you don't mind I would love to share your blog with my group from church.

  6. im so glad you guys are onto the next and saying goodbye to those nasty steroids!! what an angel...her checks are killin me! i love them! i can only imagine how hard this all must be and you are doing this all with such an amazing attitude. prayers always for your sweet little ya girlie!

  7. Yea! No more steriods. Her cheeks are so cute though! We love you guys and we are still praying!

  8. She could never not be beautiful! That will never change.

  9. We are so glad that Cami is done with the steroids...She is always in our thoughts & prayers!

  10. What a small world! You don't know me, but Ashley Lamond (from your ward, I think) sent me the link to your blog. (She used to live next door to my husband's parents and was in their ward.) I'm pretty sure that I saw you and your little girl in clinic on Thursday! I passed by you guys checking in with Pam - your daughter struck me because she is so cute and has so much hair (at least for in the hem/onc clinic!). :)

    Our (almost 3 year old) daughter, Elena, was diagnosed with Pre-B ALL on March 18th, 2010. She is now about one month into Interim Maintenance. Many of your posts resonated with us - we sat here nodding our heads because we have been where you are. Induction is hell. Not swearing, it just seriously is. :) We were in such turmoil during that first month and a half - it felt like our world was ending. It is so hard to watch your little girl suffering, losing interest in things, changing, being so mad, losing hair, etc. It gets better though - thank heavens for that! Hang in there!

    Some of the details you've posted about timeline and medicines are a little different than ours and we were curious - is your daughter standard risk or high risk?

    We post bits here and there about our experience on our blog - I need to be better like you about updating with the little things though - like in clinc - so we'll remember them. :) Our blog is private, but if you'd like to take a look around for info, support, whatever - e-mail me at and I'll send you guys an invite.

    Your daughter is a beautiful, brave little girl. We enjoyed reading experiences from people in the same boat as us.


  11. Hi guys. It's the Callister's. I feel terrible that I haven't left a comment yet. But our thoughts and prayers have been with you from the beginning. I can't begin to imagine how your world has been flipped upside down. I hope you know that we are here if you ever need anything..a sitter for Caden, dinner when you don't want to worry about name it. Our hearts go out to you and we will continue to keep you in our prayers. We love you. And Chels, I saw this and thought of you immediately.

    I can't believe the strength you have and how amazing you've been through this ordeal. You are an inspiration.

  12. Oh Sweet little Pea. Always in our thoughts and prayers. (((hugs)))

  13. What a darling girl! She is truely blessed with darling parents as well! You guys are in our prayers!

  14. What a sad little picture! But what a little trouper! We are in Mexico and have been with a dad from Texas whose 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with "the other" kind of leukemia. After spending 200 days in the hospital with her last year, they lost her just before Christmas. I'm sure you're so fully aware of what a blessing it is that Cami is dealing with something different and we are so grateful that you are dealing with it so magnificently!


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