Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lets PaRTaY!!!

Cami had 3 parties this year! We thought we'd spread it out, because Cam gets tired so easily. It was a crazy weekend and we are still recovering. Her first party was with her little friends. She wanted to have a pajama party, so we let her have a few girls over in the morning for pancakes in PJ's...

Cami was so excited to see the house all decorated.

she opened gifts

we played pin the slippers on the sleepy-head
(Cami wanted me to make her bald, but with a hat on)

Cami and sweet Elle Lee-

Cami LOVES Brody-

and last but not least, cutie-pie Ryann


blowin' out her candles-

Have you ever seen cuter little 5 year olds in your life?
We just love these girls!

The next night, Pats family came down for cake and ice cream.

Cami got her special blanket from Grandma Lenna.
Grandma had them specially made and this year each cousin got one on their birthday.

She absolutely adores these cousins!

The next night my family came down for cake and ice cream. Jessie's friend surprised Cami by making her this amazing Barbie cake. Look how excited she is!

After already having 2 parties, Cam was pretty exhausted at this point , so cute kellen let her lay on the couch and carried each gift to her and watched her open them.
He was so sweet and tender with her, he is very concerned for his cousin.
We love you Kellen!

Grandpa Dave surprised Cami with a new bike! She was so excited! She had to get out there and ride it even though she was SUPER tired.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Guess who's 5!?!

On August 30th 2005, we welcomed our first baby into this world. She was breathtaking and we were overcome with joy. Before she was even 3 months old, we up and moved to Cali. All we had was each other. Thats when the 3 of us really bonded. She was our little tag along buddy, and we did everything together. Living in California, just the three of us, are some of my favorite memories.

Cami at 2 weeks-

Cami at 1-

Here she is at 2 years old potty training.
(what a smarty pants)

Cami has a beautiful voice and LOVES to sing. She makes up songs and sings them throughout the day. I love hearing her little voice fill the house.
Here she is singing "Part of that world" from The Little Mermaid at age 2-

Cami's giggle is contagious and she is almost always wearing a smile.
Happiness just seeps out of this girl!
Age 3---

Age 4-

And now at age 5-

We adore you Cami!
Happy Birthday!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Clinic 8/26/10

We had clinic again today. Cam is a pro now days and everything went smoothly. We are really excited because next week we get a break. No more clinic for 2 weeks! Cami is overjoyed!!

She got to open one of her "clinic gifts" and it was this cute hat. She LOVED it.

She made everyone call her Miss Strawberry Head.

This is how they put her to sleep.

The nurse is basically waiting to catch her when she falls asleep.

Waking up Happy-

She was so happy when we got home to a doorstep full of packages for her birthday!

Thanks to everyone who sent her something.

I am making her wait until her birthday to open them, but it sure made a crappy day end on a good note... she can hardly wait to open all these...

Clinic stats:
Height: 106.4
Weight: 18kg (39.6 lbs.)
ANC: 700 (she is dropping as expected, but we are still above 500- yay!)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Pat picked Froggy out for Cami when I was about 8 months pregnant.
I swear she has slept with him every night since the day we brought her home.

He has been on every trip...

Here they are in Hawaii..

He has needed "stitches" a few times..

and he was there for her when she got her stitches..

He came to the hospital when she was diagnossed-

He was her eating buddy while on steroids..

and how could he miss the hair shaving party?

Smart Bomb Interactive (Pat's Work) has even featured Froggy in their brand new online animal game from National Geographic called Animal Jam. Cami was soooooo excited about this.

Yes, Froggy has been through EVERYTHING with Cami. He is her comfort. He has been through a lot with her, but he has definitely seen better days. The last 6 weeks she has needed Froggy more than ever. He has been dragged to and from the hospital, poked by the nurses, used as a pillow and well.. thrown across the room in a steroid rage. Cami decided that Froggy needed a Birthday, so tonight we gave him a party. And I think he deserved it. This little guy has been working hard!

Our awesome neighbors: Denis and Debbie have made a little tradition of giving Cami froggy's to collect. It was only fitting that they all join froggy on his special day.

Cam worked hard on his party, she cut out little flies for all his frog buddies to eat
and fed them chocolate covered "flies".

Man oh man she loves this raggedy old thing, and so do I!
There are times he can comfort her, when even I cant.
I am so grateful for that!

We even played pin the fly on the froggy..

Froggy is forever a part of our family.
We love you Froggy!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Little GaGa

Things get a little wild around here when we cant leave the house all day.
Is it really only Monday???

I pulled out the 'ole wigs, turned on the tunes, and we showed off our dance moves.
After being cooped up for 3 days--
It was just what we needed!