Thursday, July 15, 2010

Not herself

Not hungry.
Too tired to sing.
Too tired to dance.
Too tired to play.
But never too tired to watch movies


  1. Emma says:i know Cami will get up and dance sometime 'couse she loves dancing. Austin says: luv you guys and glad she's getting rest=)

  2. Thanks for letting me come watch hook cami. She is so cute...I love that she knows she is more pretty than Ariel and that she told me about her haircut last week. She is such a strong girl and so dang cute even if she isn't quite herself....

  3. Even though she so tired and not feeling well she is still so dang sweet and happy! I couldnt get over how outgoing she was tonight! I'm so glad i got to see you guys! Praying for you everyday!

  4. I think she taught Berkleigh how to dance....
    She is a beautiful little girl with a lot of hope. She might feel like dancing, but look at that precious smile!

    Praying for yoU!

  5. Love her!!!!!! I am so glad that we got a chance to come see her and for Callie and Cami to "play" for just a minute. SHe couldnt stop talking about her all day yesterday.
    Whenever she is ready and feels like dancing I am there.....I will give her her own personal dance class! :)
    Good luck today! Love you lots

  6. Cami,

    Hi, I'm Amelia. I hope you feel good and you aren't nervous or scared. It will be fine, so I love you.

    (her words exactly)

  7. Her smile just made my day. Kisses for Cami (and Pat, Chel and Caden too!)

  8. poor thing =( let her know that "miss Jenelle" is thinking of her. She's such a strong little girl!

  9. me and cami are soooooo alike. never too tired to watch movies!!! hey cami, can u buddy me on animal jam??? im koobedoo222.
    im praying for u cammers!!!! :)


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