Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No Dust Bunnies Here!

I mentioned in my last post that it was a little scary to bring Cami home from the hospital where it is sterile, controlled, and they monitor her every move. Well my amazing sister, the Woods (her in-laws) and some other friends just took care of that for me. They brought a team in here and scrubbed Cami's walls, wiped down every DVD, disinfected every toy, washed every rug, towel and blanket. They Lysoled every inch of my house, vacuumed, dusted, and deep cleaned. They were here for hours. All without me asking or even knowing.

When we carried Cami in, I was brought to tears by the amount of work that had gone into our home. What a gift... what a PERFECT gift! I don't even know what to say. I wish you could smell it here. It just screams CLEAN! They took such a huge burden off our shoulders tonight. Instead of scrubbing, washing and cloroxing I was able to take time and help Cami learn to swallow pills, give Caden (who I've missed terribly) a bath, eat dinner, and visit with those that came to visit.

To top it all off Pats car got a flat while parked at the hospital and our air conditioning stopped working. Clark (our Brother-in-law) has been here for 2 days trying to get it working. My Dad slipped out the door tonight without me noticing and came back with a gigantic portable air conditioner to keep us comfortable until ours gets fixed. Clark and Lenna went to pick up Pats car without a second thought, we have had 3 meals brought to us already and my Mom scheduled the next 10 days for dinners, all our laundry has been done, I have had grocery's and baskets of cleaning supplies brought over, we have been sent gorgeous flowers (which weren't allowed in Cami's room, but we sure are enjoying now -thanks!). Caden has been completely taken care of and he even go to go to the zoo one day (thanks Tony and Nat). People have just done SO SO much! I could go on and on. So many people have reached out and made such a huge difference in these miserable last few days. Oh man, I am just so grateful for our extraordinary friends and family.

We love you all to the moon and back!

I am so glad Jessie snapped some pictures of these awesome people cleaning.
Thanks again for organizing this, you are the BEST!

These guys are serious, they took every toy out of the playroom and disinfected it..WOW!


  1. another one word... WOW,and why couldn't i be there? seriously, you guys need to include me more=). Once again let me know if you need anything that i could help with

  2. Chel and Family,

    Wow!! I just read all those posts and am in complete tears!You guys are definitely in our prayers and let us know if we can EVER do anything to help in anyway!! You are so strong i'm amazed by you and your family and little sweet cami!

  3. Wow what an amazing family!!! This is what it is all about! Having people put you/"others" before them selves and going above and beyond to make sure you are ok!
    Thank you to the Woods! : )
    Love Natalie

  4. When I pulled up that night with Caden....I could not believe the parking lot of cars!!!! I was amazed at the amount of people/friends inside cleaning/scrubbing/washing away! Ashley-8months preg! Jess-6months preg! Akamu with an injured shoulder!! My 78yr old Mom(nee-nee) taking on TONS of laundry!! Michelle-I am always amazed at your energy and the unselfish, unconditional love you have for family and friends! Leah and are wonderful sweet girls! MEG....I love you! Beth/Ari-you are awesome! I know Lenna quietly took on ALL the rugs and pile of blankets that needed to be done. What an amazing act of love that I know was SO appreciated and needed by Pat & Chel. WOW!

  5. How perfect! You really know what friends and family are about when something like this happens. You deserve every good deed and every kindness. You've got a long road ahead but with people like this around you, life is just so much easier.

    We love you. Sorry the best we can do right now is send prayers! We'll be here until August 2nd!

  6. Brady has mentioned your family to me. I am so glad you have a good support team. I remember where our family was at this stage of diagnosis with Millie. My family will have you your family and Camryn in our prayers. I believe it is all the prayers that Millie has recieved that have made her do so well. I wish you more prayers then you will know what to do with.


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