Saturday, July 17, 2010

Home away from home...

Yesterday Camryn was due for another round of Chemo, so back to the hospital we went. This time instead of going to the ICS, we went to the Bone Marrow Clinic. From what I understand this will be our "home away from home" from now on. This is where she'll get her Chemo, blood drawn, blood transfusions, and we will have our weekly visits with her team of Doctors. She also had to get a bone marrow aspirate and spinal tap again this week. Not a fun procedure!

It all made for a long day, but in the end it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I think we can tolerate it once a week. Cam woke up this morning asking if we had to go back again, she was delighted to learn we only have to go once a week. She said "well, that wont be so bad".
Leave it to this girl to look at the glass half full!

Here are some shots Pat got with his phone...

She was automatically on high alert when we walked into this place,
she knows this is where the dreaded "pokes" happen.

she cant eat until after her bone marrow aspirate is done
(because they put her under anesthesia), so she was hungry after.
She had a slushy, 2 string cheeses, chocolate milk and oreo's
while they were giving her chemo.

We do a LOT of distracting while we are there...

Feeling good after they de-accessed (removed needle and tubes)
from her PORT (or chest IV)

Her ANC count (Absolute neutrophil count) was 300
which is low (meaning she cant fight off infections and can get sick easily)
so she had to wear a mask to the car.

They gave her this shirt that says "Im stronger than you" and boy is it true!

She really is one tough cookie!!
She had lots of energy when we came home and my sister had Caden
so we had a picnic in Mom and Dad's bed while watching a movie.
She thought it was the coolest!!!

--Thanks to Nat and Jessie for watching Caden for us,
I know it was a long long day and he can be a stinker!
Love you guys!


  1. Are you kidding he is not a stinker! He is an absolute joy to have! We love him! Callie calls him "BUBBAS" and they are so cute together! They did have one fight........Caden WON! LOL
    I am so glad to see and hear that Cami had a good day yesterday! It makes you so GRATEFUL for those days. Because you arent sure when they will happen again! :) Love all of you! Still thinking and praying for you.
    Lots of Love, Nat

  2. PS I love that BIG bow in her hair it is so cute!

  3. Guys.. I don't know what to say. It breaks my heart to know that Cami has to go through this. I found out about her condition at work the other day, and I couldn't focus on work for the rest of the day thinking about little Cami and what she is enduring. It makes me happy to see how well she is taking all of this. I hope the best for you and please know that our little family is praying for you.

    -Jon, Shae, Emmie, Luker

  4. cami looks so happy with that smile on her face!!! she is just an amazing little thing...much love to your little family!!

  5. She is AMAZING! I cannot believe she does all that with her cute smile still on her face! What a brave little girl.

  6. I am with NAT.... I love Caden like he is MINE and we LOVE to have him chel! Kellen now ask every morning, are we going to go get Caden today? He WANTS and LOVES having someone to play with. He sure is the funniest kid ever! Im looking for lots lots LOTS more fun times with him!

    Now about cam, Im not good with words but what more can I say then you have ONE TOUGH LITTLE GIRL! It breaks my heart but at the same time makes me so happy that a little 4 year old going through all this CRAP and PAIN and HARD trial she can still have that BEAUTIFUL HAPPY SMILE! She is so PRECIOUS and I LOVE her so much it HURTS inside! Im so proud of your little Cami. Im so happy she had a good day and was feeling better. LOVE YOU ALL and am proud of ALL of YOU!

  7. Love that shirt! She certainly seems to be taking all this in stride, doesn't she? Leave it to children to be our best examples of strength and courage. She is certainly in my prayers every night. Take care.

  8. I love seeing her smile!! I will continue to keep you all in my prayers!!

  9. Loving her smile. Thanks for this blog chel. I love that Froggie is taking her through this too. kiss her beautiful cheeks for me.

  10. Oh she looks like the bravest little fighter out there! You are in our prayers. Please let me know if I can help in anyway. I know you have lots of family around but if they need a break or you want a diet coke or anything, I am a phone call away. We are thinking of all of you.


  11. What a girl! And what fantastic parents! You could be bitter and angry and you're chosen the better part...optimism and courage. You guys are amazing!
    Love you. We're still up at Bear Lake so give Cami a big hug from all the Eyres! What a brave little girl. She must be related to her wonderful parents! Lots of prayers coming your way!

  12. Came over from Shawni's blog. Praying for your girl!

  13. I connected through your blog by way of 71 toes. Your little girl is amazing...keep the faith. My brother is a 20 year survivor of pediatric Leukemia!

  14. Glad to hear everything went well! We are headed to clinic for Millie's monthly trip tomorrow. Shouldn't be too bad.


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