Sunday, July 11, 2010

One tough Cookie!

Cami got so many cute cards, she loved them all and made me hang them on her board..

This girl had a smile on her face almost all of the time. The staff in the ICS were blown away by her happy attitude.

Froggy got us through the hard times.

Cami insisted on all her "friends" being with her in bed all the time. Thanks to all those who gave Cami a friend. They really gave her comfort. She adores each one and noticed when one had fallen off the bed. Just so you know, she diagnosed them all with leukimia and most have been poked (by her and by the nurses), taken LOTS of medicine, had surgery, and she informed me today the Pony and puppy would be losing their hair. They helped her feel in control.
Each one is truly special to her.

Snuggling proved to be the best pain reliever.

When we were admited they gave me a menu for the kitchen and said you can use this or not, they will basically make anything and eveything the kids in this unit want. Cami is very picky and it was funny to see what she came up with them to make her. Cinnamon toast and strawberries with whip cream to dip were favorites.

She played Doctor A LOT!!!


  1. The pics of you with Cami or Pat with Cami are the ones that really get me. CANNOT look at them w/out crying. I am so happy you are going least for a little bit. Get little Cami better!!

  2. WOW She is such an amazing little girl. There is not a time that I come to this page and feel so overwhelmed and touched by the amount of strength you all have. Im so happy you are home. Feel better Cami, Love ya babe!

  3. She is such a brave girl. Way to go Cami!

  4. I just found your blog/story through your cousin. Dear friends of mine have been through a very similar situation. Their daughter was diagnosed with ALL last may. She has kept a blog since then. It may be helpful for you to read it. I could also give you her e-mail if you would like to talk to her. Be strong. You can do this!
    You can go back to the beginning to read about her diagnosis etc.

  5. She is such a fighter! I love that girl and her smile! I can hear her cute little voice saying all the "camisms" on the side! Stay strong, you are in our thoughts and prayers!


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