Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back to Chemo

Today we went back to the clinic for some more chemo and another bone marrow aspiration.

Her ANC level (body's ability to fight off infection) went from 300 last week (500 and below is the scary area) to 1200 today. Which means she can be more active this weekend. And maybe even go to the bountiful days of 47 thing-a-majigger.  Happy news!

Her bone marrow two weeks ago (at diagnosis) was producing 85% cancerous cells. Last week it was down to 30%. And today the preliminary tests had her in remission (which is less than 5%)!  This is fairly normal (happens in about 80% of the patients), and all it really tells us is that at this stage her body is responding to the chemo.  Now they just keep zapping her with chemo for 2 years so those nasty cancer cells don't come back.  This is great news, but unfortunately wont change her course of treatment.

So things are good so far. The steroids are making her eat like crazy!! And she has very specific cravings (C.P.K. "twirly" mac and cheese for example) and we've caught her rummaging through the fridge at 3 am.

She comes off the steroids for about 2 months on Aug 8th.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support, the comments you have all left are so touching and have helped us know how much support and strength we have behind us...we are so so so grateful!

getting ready for chemo!  Notice her little cheeks compared to last week :)

getting weight, height and heart rate

waiting for the doc

this is after she got Chemo and is downstairs in the RTU waiting for the "sleep doctors" who put her to sleep to take her bone marrow aspiration. 

you have to understand how hungry this girl was with the steroids and not being able to eat all day.. this is her (at 2PM) listing (or drawing) all of the things she wants to eat when she wakes up.
1.) slushy (in the recovery room)
2.) cheese fries from training table
3.) pickle from Jimmy johns
4.) quesadilla from Chili's
5.) quesadilla cooked at home
6.) wendy's frosty.

She is such a silly little thing.  And for the record, she made sure she received ALL of these items (in order, according to her "list") not to mention 2 grilled cheese sandwiches from Training Table (pictured below).

waking up from sleepy time

Time to eat!!  Slushy first of course with a side of cheese and oreos.

She finished her first grilled cheese (and cheese fries) in about 10 minutes, when she asked us to order another one we laughed.. usually when she get's this meal she'll have maybe 4 small bites and she's done.  She ate 2 full grilled cheese (minus the crusts)+ cheese fries.  These steroids are crazy!!  We didn't know she could fit so much in that tiny body!


  1. I love those chubby little cheeks. I will be looking for cami at the parade tomorrow. I will have a few otter pops just for her!

  2. Dang it. I wish we had stayed at clinic. We should have eaten at the hospital and come back up to meet you guys. I have finished this phase so when I read that Cami woke up at 3 am, I giggled. It will get worse, but it will END! Have they warned you about how big she will get? I should show you pictures of Millie. She could barely walk near the end. Now she is totally normal. We start her steroids for a few days today but we usually don't see to many side effects from it. This post is turning into a novel. We have lots of prayers coming your way! Have fun this weekend. I'm so happy to hear her ANC went up! Go to the fireworks!

  3. this is amanda by the way, not brady. :)

  4. Oh I do love a girl that can EAT! :) What a detailed & delish list of goodies! Here are a few suggestions of my own- Cookies from Parsons! Custard from Neilsons! Pizza from Arella and Burgers & fries from Tony's! ;) Luckily for you guys you have some "ins" around town! So happy things are going well! Have a HAPPY 24th! (oh, and bear claws if you make it over to the carnival)

  5. I will look for you guys tomorrow:) I cant wait to see you guys:) She looks just like the happy Cami i know:)

  6. I LOVE her growing fluffy cheeks! I think I'll support Cami by eating & gaining weight with her!!! Oh I love her so!!! ~Grandma Di-Di

  7. Sooooo happy to hear that Cami is responding well to her chemo treatments....This is great news!! : )

  8. This is the only time where i'm going to admit this, but these updates are making me cry like a little girl. I'm very glad to see how happy she is and how the treatments are going well. I look forward to reading these posts. Please continue to post them whenever you can. Love you guys!!!!!!!!

  9. so glad things are looking good this week...and she is just too cute!!!

  10. It's so good to hear miracles taking place in little Cami's life! You're so strong as a mother to carry her through this rough time. Good for her for eating! xxoo!

  11. That's great news that her little body is responding to treatment! Keep on fighting little Cam!

  12. Hi, prayers to Cami and the rest of your family. I just wanted to suggest that you look at a wonderful organization that has brought us tremendous joy. It's called Hope Kids. It started in Az. but they now have chapters in Minnesota and Utah. (You van Google them)Great organization! Best of luck!

  13. What great news chel! I am so happy that everything is going well! Those cheeks are to die for. What an awesome little girl you have. Xo

  14. That tiny little thing NEEDS to gain so weight! So glad to see that little adorable smile! :)
    Love her so much! Hope you and Pat are still doing ok! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!
    Love Nat

  15. This morning Cami's breakfast consisted of 2 slices of cheese, 2 bowls of cocoa krispies and a Jimmy Johns pickle. Truly a breakfast of champions!!!!
    ~ A very proud Grandma Di-Di

  16. My name is Heidi Jamieson. One of my friends emailed me the link to your blog. I am so sorry to hear about your baby girl! I know exactly what you are going through and how difficult it is... my little boy was diagnosed with ALL when he was five. He is now in maintenance and we have less than a year to go with treatments! I just wanted to let you know you are not alone! If you ever would like to talk or yell or scream, let me know! One of the things that helped the most when our Jake was diagnosed was talking to other families that had gone through the same thing cause you never really know what it is like until you do. Life does get better and easier, I promise... just hang in there and know that you are in our prayers. You can look at our blog at, or else email me at hjamieson@mac. com if you would like. Good luck to your sweet family in the upcoming months...

  17. awwww poor baby girl!
    steroids make you feel starved. I remember
    my neighbors baby was on them and he would sit
    and eat a huge can or two of canned vegetables!
    she is precious!

  18. Not only beautiful, but a real trooper this little angel is!!! She tried so hard to be involved at the park yesterday, and did have a little walk with some of the cousins, but finally dropped on the blanket under the tree exhausted from the heat and little trek. She is such a good sport to try to be involved with everyone. She loves seeing everyone and just watching everyone around her. Soooo precious. I am so impressed with the way Pat and Chel have stepped up to such an impossibly hard situation and are making the very best of it. Thanks Grandma Di Di for staying to help everyone who needs your gentle hand and wonderful smile (also your great sense of humor) Love you guys. Grandma Lenna

  19. This is Melodie... We love getting these updates... Keep being brave Cami! We love you and are praying for you and your amazing family!

  20. Hi, my name is Jamie, I am friends with your sister Jess. I have been keeping up with your blog. Your little Cami is adorable and so inspirational! I will be sure to keep her in my thoughts and prayers. You are one tough mamma, and such a good example to other mom's out there like me!


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