Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Camp Hobe

The further we travel into the cancer world, the more I learn about all the amazing things people do to help these kids and their families.  About 3 months ago we received an invitation in the mail to attend Camp Hobe.  It is a summer camp created for children who are in treatment for cancer at PCMC and their siblings. I honestly hope that none of you are EVER invited to go, but it is something I truly wish each of you could be a part of.  

Cami qualified to do the day camp this year.  We signed her up for two full days of camp fun.  The camp was up in the Tooele Settlement canyon and it was just gorgeous up there away from the hustle and bustle.  A few of the moms got hotel rooms and stayed overnight so we wouldn't have to drive back and forth so much.  I was really nervous to leave Cami, but the people at Camp Hobe are VERY good at what they do.  Each child is required to have a physical and a Doctor has to fill out a 3 page worksheet on EVERY child up there.  They got a copy of my insurance card, cami's medication schedule, her medical history, AND they screened each person for illness before letting anyone even drive through the parking lot.  They had at least 2 Doctors there at all times and many nurses to do dressing changes and give medication.  The energy and love for these kids was thick in the air and you couldn't help but walk around with a smile.  Cami cant wait to go back next year!  Thank you Camp Hobe!  

For more information on Camp Hobe and to sign up to volunteer to be a camp counselor, you can go to

Here's the 4 chemo sisters.  It is amazing to watch them together.  
The bond they share makes them instant best friends.  

 These ladies are amazing!  The bond runs deep here too.  
We were able to leave our cancer kids at camp the first day, we took lunch to a park and chatted for 2 hours!  It was incredible not to worry about our kids and to be around these outstanding women who really understand and love eachother.  

The kids were kept busy each and every minute.  
They made the cutest crafts-

They made great friends-

They had fun music time-

Played on the tire swing-

They spoiled the kids with lots of yummy treats-

They even took them swimming!-

And this little girl couldn't have been happier!  She felt so big going to camp all by herself and camp is something I NEVER would have guessed possible for her while on treatment.  
It was just plain amazing all around.
Thank you, thank you Camp Hobe and all the wonderful volunteers!

I am so proud of my little camper!

 A big thanks to one of our favorite babysitters, Courtney for taking such great care of Caden.  
He had a blast and absolutely loves his Court.  


  1. It looks like so much fun! It was fun to see a glimpse into things through your pictures and stories. I never would have guessed that somehting like that was available during treatment, either. So neat!

  2. Looks SO fun! What a great job they do with these kids. Can't believe that you're coming up on a year since Cami's diagnosis. I'm sure you can. It's got to seem like an eternity!

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