Sunday, January 2, 2011

Good riddance 2010!

What can I say about 2010?  It is the year that cancer snuck up on our little family and changed us all forever.  I will look back on 2010 and remember much heartache, suffering, trials, and sometimes barely making it through the day.  I will also look back and remember how blessed we are, the many family and friends who have held us up through the hard times.  I will never forget the service, kindness, generosity, and amazing miracles that occurred in 2010.

I have a love/hate relationship with 2010.  It is most definitely a year that we will never forget and one that has brought our family together in a way nothing else could have.  2010 was good, bad and ugly.  It was real.  It sucked and it was amazing all at the same time, but even with all the good that occurred we are still glad this year is over.
We are SO ready for a new chapter, new outlook on life and a happy healthy 2011.  


Here are some pics of us bringing in the new year.

Cami and Daddy..

There was lots of kissing to bring in the new year...

Me and my honey

Natalie and Tony

Grandma Di-Di and Cam

We have an awesome family to spend their new years in their PJ's so we can be at home with Cami... 

**A big thanks to my mom for having a pre-party with the kids so Pat and I could sneak away for a few hours before coming home to bring in the new year with Cam (Caden fell asleep).**

New Years day was filled with lots of baking

and tea parties...

peace out 2010.. don't let the door hit you on the way out!


  1. What a night it was!!!! 4+ Martinelli Bottles = 1 great night! LOL hope this is our NEW tradition! We have such a good time with you guys :) And lets hope for a BETTER year!

    Love Nat

  2. Chel.. We love you guys!! Happy New Year.. :))))
    Mia asked if Cami could send her a copy of Cami doing the peace out picture
    so she can hang it in her room? Such a cute pic of Cami!!
    We miss you guys!! Love's .. Xoxoxo
    Danielle & Mia

  3. Wow, your comments are so very true. We wouldn't ask for our trials but we would never give up what we learn from them. I've always said, it really doesn't matter what happens to you in life. What's important is how you handle it. You two have been true champions through this whole thing! You'll look back at 2010 and wonder how you ever survived. And the answer will day at a time and with lots of help from family, friends and a loving Heavenly Father!

    Love you all! It was so fun to see you New Year's Eve/Day! Here's a toast to a fantastic 2011!

    All the Eyres sent their love!

  4. Wow...can I just tell you first off how beautiful Cami is. And secondly how strong she is. I'm sure you already know both. Every time I get on here and read your blog I just think I don't know how I would do this. It makes me want to cry, both because I am sad and inspired by such a little girl and your family. I wish you and your family health and happiness for the new year!

  5. HAHA! amen! i totally laughed at your last statement. amen! :)

  6. okay i love that peace out picture of cam. darling.

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