Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pop It. Lock it. Polka dot It.

I just had to share this video that was taken last week at the end of her 3 week break from chemo. It was so wonderful to have our Cami back dancing and singing without pain. It has been 5 months since we have seen Cami in her true form and THAT is why it was extra hard and emotional to start this extra heavy-duty chemo + steroids again.

as much as I hate this process, I know it is what will bring my Cami back (cancer free) for GOOD...



PS- this video is a little long and repetitive, but I couldn't bring myself to cut it.


  1. Oh how i miss those dancing feet. She is so stinking cute. She did am amazing job!!!!! I had so much fun watching thanks for sharing.

  2. I LOVE THAT MOVIE. I LOVE THAT SONG... and it is even better when Cami is dancing to it. I am glad you got to see Cami for a little while! She will be back and healthy! Keep it up. You guys are so strong!

  3. What an inspiration she is! We should all get up and dance a little more, specially when things are tough. Thanks for sharing Pat and Chel!
    I love you Cam!

    Aunt Jess

  4. OH how I loved those few chemo-free weeks when Cami was truly Cami again! Yesterday after clinic she was quiet, somber, withdrawn and despondent. Don't know if it was all the chemo crap in her or the steroids but Cami was definitely NOT Cami anymore! Pat has a wonderful gift of making any situation happy and fun. When he arrived home and saw Cami that way....he cranked up that Miley song and soon Pat, Chel and Caden were dancing away in the kitchen. Cami tried to join in but cried and said her legs hurt too bad to dance. Pat scooped Cami up and they danced together. Cami instantly popped out of her shell and smiled, laughed and had SO much fun! Sure wish we had gotten a video of that father/daughter dance! are a wonderful father/person. LOVE your optimistic, happy approach to life! Your spontaneous, happy, contagious spirit completely changed the mood in the house and in Cam. LOVE YOU!

  5. she's pretty good, i'm impressed! that is so adorable, i love to dance to that song too :) i'm such a teenybopper.

  6. Thank you for making my day with this video!! Too cute...I love seeing her so happy and dancing. Im sorry that she is going to have to go through a rough spot again with this chemo but Im grateful that it will make it so you can this cami back again for good!

  7. that's a wonderful story, diane - thanks for sharing the insider's view. :) sweet dads and their girls.

    cami is adorable in that video. it's fun to get to see her little personality!

  8. So cute she is a great little dancer. She and Millie could form a dance group:)

    P.s I am Millies cousin, CYNDELL

  9. That is SO adorable! Made me smile the whole time!!!

  10. You don't know me. I'm an old (really old!) friend of Lenna's. I found out about your story just yesterday, and have now spent the last 2 hrs. reading your entire journal. Your daughter is an incredible inspiration, and you've done an amazing job of capturing her journey. I've laughed and cried and felt so humbled by the strength you and Pat have shown. Cami will grow into a strong and vibrant young woman, and you'll be so glad you've managed to capture so many unthinkable and unforgettable moments. I'm SO impressed.

  11. Cami can dance!! :) She is such a sweetheart & we love her....Caden too! Keep on dancin Cami!

  12. that was the best!!! im so glad you didnt cut any of it out! that just put a huge smile on my face!!! cant wait until you post the next video of her singing and dancing, it will be here again soon!!! love you


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