Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ready for a buzz


  1. Good Luck today! I ment to tell you that we buzzed her hair. It will grow back (millie's did)and won't all fall out for a few more months. At that point we took a lint roller to her head and the rest came right out.

  2. Good luck today!! We really wanted to come but with two people in our family with the flu we will stay away! :) I will be sending you some money though! Love Ya!

  3. She did great! Thanks for letting us be a part of it!!!

  4. Thanks for letting us come by today and say hello. Cami is darling! Your family has the sweetest spirit and you are so comfortable to be around.

  5. We love you guys. Today looked like a success and I really wanted to give you guys hugs but we ran out of time and had to leave. What an amazing family you have...praying for you always much love to all of you...xoxo steve,melissa and mia

  6. So LUCKY to be apart of such a great and wonderful day! I am so proud of you all! Love the NEW all look great! Love you guys!


  7. Wow. That is all I can say. A friend pointed your page out to me after she saw the DesNews article. Instant tears - in December of 2006 my daughter was diagnosed with ALL. I remember the cheeks from steroids, we also have a picture of her cutting her own hair off. The very best thing I can tell you is that you will get through this. I promise. You will look back and go - WE DID IT! The nurses and doc's at primaries are the best in the world. Keep your chin up, you will be amazed at your little girls (and your own) strength!!

  8. We are just Cami fans who saw your story in the newspaper. Your little gal is just too cute! Amazing how brave and mature they are for going through something so hard. We have been down a similar road. Know you are in the best hands possible, and just take it all one moment at a time! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    Love, The Huish Family

  9. What a great day! Her smile made my day! And I do love a girl that can accessorize! Lookin' Good, Cammers! Lookin' GOOD! ;)

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