Monday, August 23, 2010

Little GaGa

Things get a little wild around here when we cant leave the house all day.
Is it really only Monday???

I pulled out the 'ole wigs, turned on the tunes, and we showed off our dance moves.
After being cooped up for 3 days--
It was just what we needed!


  1. Chelsea you are such a cute mom, always finding fun and creative things to do with your kids! I admire you and how strong you are being with this challenge in your life!

  2. I LOVE seeing that huge smile on her face!! She looks like she is feeling pretty good!

  3. Chels- I Love it! You are exactly what that little girl needs. It is so obvious that you were sent here to help her, while she was sent here to teach us all. You are all so strong. Keep smiling! Love you.

  4. LOL! Love it! Millie and I had a dance party in our drive way today and I think my neighbors thought I was CRAZY! Oh well!

    Love that beautiful smile! Hope to see you guys again soon.

  5. Cami's blood count is low so she has been quiet & a bit lathaegic, pale. She wakes up tired BUT she, with help from Chel, had a burst of energy. SO fun to watch them dance, laugh and be silly, It was the best medicine ever! Pat & Chel - what wonderful, fun parents you are! Oh & Thanks to Lady Gaga!!!!


  7. You guys are amazing! It is so guys are here for Cami! She is so lucky to have such a great support system! A support system who LOVES her, who CARES for her, you makes her LAUGH, who will stay in the kitchen all day and MAKE her whatever she wants! I know I couldn't do all the amazing things you guys do! You always make the BEST of things!
    Love you so much!

  8. Chel and Pat, Love your can do attitude. It sets such a great example for all of us. You are amazing parents to an amazing, beautiful young hero. I love the creative ways you find to have fun. Keep on keepin on. Hugs and kisses, Grandma Lenna

  9. That looks just like the dance parties we use to have at your mom's house Chel. Your bright and sunny spirit helps that little Cami so much. You guys are the best parents.

  10. oh my goodness, she's pretty much the cutest thing ever! And I love the wigs. Glad you guys are still having some fun in between all the madness!!
    Love you guys!

  11. Cami could not have asked for a more fun mom and dad to share this battle with. You amaze me every day. :) Love the wigs and glasses! Your post made me laugh!

  12. I love that she even points her toes! What a doll!

  13. You guys are terrific! What a great creative way to keep all of you going! Love you forever!

  14. You have got the cutest little family. How cute and creative you are with being cooped up in the house. That is one of our biggest trials so far, and you have made the best of it!!! Good job are awesome! I love the wigs, glasses, and I also loved the birthday party for froggy. You have one lucky little girl. She has got some great parents!

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