Friday, July 30, 2010

Best buds...

Let me just start off by saying that I love the circle we live in. We couldn't have asked for better neighbors. Every night you can find kids playing and adults chatting outside. There is usually something fun going on outside our house. I know I can call any of my neighbors at anytime and they would do anything for me. To top it all off Cami's two best friends in the world live right across the street. These three adore each other. If Ryann and Elle are doing something, you better believe Cam is right there doing it with them!

Cam's hair is starting to really come out now and it is pretty scary and shocking for her to see. Another tip they gave us at the hospital was to give her a really short cut so when it falls out there is less in the chunk, making it seem smaller. She didn't want to cut her hair, but I have been pushing it on her because she gets upset seeing so much coming out.... its traumatizing to say the least! While washing her hair one night, I had a couple big (scary looking) chunks come out and I decided it was hair cutting time. Now I just had to get her on board.

I was so impressed when Ryann's Mom (jessica) called me and told me that Ry-Ry wanted to cut off her long, beautiful hair to support Cami. We decided to have a little haircutting party! Elle Lee (Cam's other little friend) wasn't sure she wanted to make that sacrifice, but she was going to come to the "party" for a trim. We called up Cassy (another friend from our circle, who cuts hair) and she came right away.

Ryann went first to help Cami be brave...

Look at that thick braid she will be donating to locks of love! 12 inches!
Proud Mommy..

Elle Lee's turn! She decided at the last minute to cut her's like the girls!

She got 10 inches to donate to locks of love. What a cutie!

Cami's turn...

Happy girl

So cute!

These girls helped Cam not feel so alone in all of this. I know how hard it was for these girls to let go of their long, "princess" hair. We SO appreciate their sacrifice. We adore these girls and no one else in the world could have made Cami feel better about all of this than these two, because if Ryan and Elle Lee are doing it, then Cami wants to too!!!

Cami, Ryann, and Elle Lee

These are the best friends and neighbors a girl could ask for!
Thanks you guys for the haircutting party!
Jess (Ryanns Mom), Me, Cassy (our amazing hair dresser) and Amy (Elle Lee's Mom)


  1. How cute are these little girls to want to help Cami get through a rough part of her life. This post was especially touching to know that there are little kids who don't even think twice to make a sacrifice to make their friend feel better.

  2. What amazing neighbors and friends you have! Your beautiful sweet Cami is indeed so blessed to have such supporting wonderful little friends!

  3. Wow that brought me to tears! These girls will be friends forever!!! No one can take that away from them! They all look so so so cute! :) It makes me want to cut my hair...what inspiration they all are! So glad Cami has friends like that to help her through this rough time in her life! Love Nat

  4. ps, cami's hair still looks very thick, she's holding on to it well.

  5. I was so proud of these cute girls! Cam is not really Cam right now.....emotionally or physically. I was a little worried there would be stares or innocent comments regarding Cami's temporary yet dramatic physical and personality changes - but these sweet girls were kind, loving, patient and forgiving. Just cute, normal BFF's. What a great example of unconditional love and friendship!

  6. That is so awesome that girls so young were willing to make that sacrafice. I think it's amazing. The hair loss is a really hard thing-but it looks like Cami has some wonderful supporters to help her through!

  7. That is amazing! Those moms are raising their daughters right. What good little friends for cami. I am glad she did not go through that alone!

  8. I'm bawling like a baby. Very touching.

  9. I am in tears. It seems as though you (with the help of amazing friends) are making every scary sad experience a wonderfully happy experience for sweet little cami. These girls are adorable. What awesome friends!

  10. That made me cry. How could sweet little Ryann know to do that? We should definitely be more like little children..

    What a beautiful day! I am glad you have people taking care of you like that!

    They are so cute!

  11. Love the haircuts...They look soooo cute...Cami has amazing little friends!

  12. I got chills, tears, and a smile reading this post. I just love your family!!

  13. It seems as though Cami has made some life long friends. Those girls will look back on this and remember it for the rest of theie lives; what a great experience for them!
    Cami makes me smile. I just want to reach out and hug you all!

  14. That brought me to tears. That is the sweetest thing ever.

    Blair from Texas

  15. Im with everyone else in the world that reads this blog...iIN TEARS! They ALL look AMAZING and what AMAZING friends Cami has. I love that she has those girls in her life to help her get through this all.

  16. Wow. What AWESOME little girls!! Let me copy everyone else by saying that brought me to tears as well. They all look adorable. Cami is so lucky to have such great friends.

  17. It's humbling to see little girls do this for a friend. It should make us sit back and contemplate if we would do the same. It's so inspiring to be taught by children. It's so beautiful to see the support that you've been surrounded with. God has blessed you through this rocky time. I continue to pray for your sweet family. xxoo!

  18. What an amazing story. They all look so beautiful with their short do's! We are still keeping your sweet family in our prayers...

  19. These two girls can definitely teach my a lesson. How sweet of them to be there for their friends. It's amazing how loving and caring children can be. They all look so dang cute!

  20. Chelsea, I just found out about Cami's diagnosis. I am so sorry to hear but at the same time as I sit here with tears in my eyes I think about what a strong family you have and how you are taking one step at a time being as positive as possible. I can't imagine going through something like this but as I read your blog you make not only me but others want to be as strong as you if something like this were to happen to us. I read your blog here and there and you are an amazing mom with two adorable kids. You are so positive! Cami is a beautiful little girl, seriously every picture I see she is absolutely adorable (she looks just like you:)). She will be even beautiful when that hair falls out I can see her now especially with that smile of hers! I can tell that Cami is going to be such a tough girl. Thanks for sharing, I will continue to follow your blog since it is so inspiring! Good luck to you and your family with this new journey.

  21. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to be part of the "hair cutting" party! It made me so happy to see Cami smile. The girls look so stinkin cute! Cami is a lucky girl to have such great friends to help her through this! I think we are very lucky girls to have a circle full of A-M-A-Z-I-N-G friends. Love you guys.

  22. If this isn't the sweetest thing ever, I don't know what is! How SWEET that Cami's darling little friends would do this for/with her. Such a cute idea! Also, brought me to tears!

  23. that was the sweetest thing those little friends of camis in tears, actualy tears are rolling down my face! they all look beautiful with their new do's!

  24. Amazing! Also brought me to tears, they are great examples! I wish I had longer hair to help donate to your cuts for Cami! She is a freaking doll, I love looking at your guys inspire me!

    Thanks - Kristen

  25. Dear Chelsea,You don't know me but my daughter Jamie had "ALL" also. She passed away 11yrs ago after a 4 yr batle. Back then,the cure rate was only 50-60%. But it's so much better now. I remember the Dr's telling us that in 10 yrs most kids would survive and in 10 more years nobody will die from it. They have come so far with a cure for this horrible childhood cancer. I know your little Cami will get through this and she and your whole family will be stroger than ever because of it. As I read your story, I recognized the names of all the medicines, and remembered the raging appetite and the round swollen face. All the memories of the side effects came rushing back to me. It is so hard as a Mom to watch your child go through this and I remember so many times, wishing that I could trade her places and take it from her. Those Lumbar punctures were the worst! We used to get through them while singing primary songs. You have probably already seen many blessings come from this whole experience and you will see many more. You will be surprised at all the good that can come from going through this and how many lives this will touch. You will also be surprised at how much strength you have inside of you as well as Cami.One of the nurses once told me that it seems to be only the special ones that get Leukemia. I have to agree. As I watched my daughter trying to stay strong while suffering, many times, I had the strong impression that she agreed to this before she came to this life. We don't know why our chldren have to go through such a trial but someday, it will all make sence. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sweet Cami. My advice to you is to Stay strong, continue to be positive and you will all get through this!

    Love, from someone who knows exactly what you're going through.


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